Perception vs. Reality: How do guests value your independent hotel brand?

Hoteliers spend countless hours developing their hotel brands to fit a carefully crafted vision. However, as brands evolve, they must be reevaluated to determine if their original vision has held up in the eyes of guests. Brand evaluations are complex exercises, but here are a few simple tips to get you started on determining if your perception of your independent hotel brand aligns with the opinions of your guests.

Understanding your independent hotel brand

In broad terms, everything that your independent hotel “touches” is a part of its brand—from its social media channels to team member uniforms. While some components, such as its website or bed types, have a greater influence on the guest experience, every brand touch point contributes to how its perceived so ultimately; they must all be accounted for and evaluated.

The eye test

The eye test is as simple as it sounds—how does your brand look to you and others?  Is it fresh and up to date?  Or are some touch points past their prime?  Looking at the condition of your hotel brand’s physical elements is the easy part, evaluating the usefulness and value of its hundreds, if not thousands, of touch points is where this task gets challenging.  However, it’s critical to understand if elements of your brand are eroding its value instead of enhancing it.

Financial performance

Analyzing your hotel’s financial performance will provide a true measurement of your brand’s value to hotel guests. An indicator of hotel brands falling behind their competitors is the deflection of guests to other local hotels, even when adjustments are made to stimulate booking activity.  It’s at this point where hoteliers must take a deep dive to understand where their brand is falling short with guests.

Guest opinions

Gathering information from guests will provide first-hand insight on your independent hotel brand that is difficult to discern on your own. Reading online reviews, conducting surveys and having in-person conversations with guests will help you understand if your hotel brand is truly delivering the value they expect from your property.

Although guests don’t see the “magic behind the curtain” that keeps independent hotels running smoothly, efficient operations are a hallmark of every successful independent hotel brand.  innRoad supports thousands of independent properties with an industry-leading hotel management software solution.  Learn how innRoad can help enhance your independent hotel brand by contacting us today.