Spend less, do more: Cost-cutting tips for independent hotels

Cutting back on expenses is at the top of every independent hotel’s “To do” list.  With reduced spending, hoteliers can allocate more funds toward critical areas, such as property enhancements, salaries and benefits, marketing and sales and the guest experience.  Here are a few tips for reducing costs so you can invest more capital into your independent hotel.

Going green

The environmental benefits of “going green” are well documented, but the associated cost savings deserve significant attention as well.  While an upfront investment is usually required to upgrade existing equipment, going green allows independent hotels to realize savings over the long term.  Some of the most popular sustainability-oriented programs used by independents include:

  • Switching incandescent light bulbs to energy-saving, longer-lasting CFL and/or LED bulbs
  • Regulating energy consumption with energy-efficient HVAC systems
  • Allowing optional daily housekeeping to reduce laundry and guestroom product usage

Measurement and analysis programs

Implementing measurement and analysis programs across various independent hotel departments can produce valuable data points that hoteliers can use to make cost-saving decisions.  Similar to practices used by restaurants to reduce food waste and keep costs stable, hotels can develop creative ways to measure various types of consumption, analyze data and identify solutions for reducing and/or eliminating waste in an effort to cut operational costs.

Move to the cloud

Transitioning independent hotel operations to cloud-based hotel management software has a broad range of benefits, most notably long-term cost savings.  With cloud-based software, hoteliers eliminate the need for expensive products and services associated with on-premises systems, such as specialized hardware, servers, licenses, software packages, and service agreements.  Additionally, many cloud-based software solutions, like innRoad, allow for free direct bookings via existing hotel websites—cost savings that can be passed along to guests.  With cloud-based software, independent hotels have an opportunity to improve operational efficiency while reducing the cost of running day-to-day operations.

To learn about more independent hotel cost-cutting tips that can put more profits into your pockets, contact one of our experts today.