Is your independent hotel prepared for busy season?

With spring making its annual debut, independent hoteliers are looking forward to the upcoming busy season. However, to ensure its success, operators must begin preparing now. Here are a few important steps all independent hotels must take to maximize their busy season opportunities.

Rate management

With higher demand, busy season presents opportunities for independent hotels to generate higher revenues with properly managed rates. To determine busy season rates, independents can:

  • Review historical data: Review past years’ demand, rates, and revenue to identify trends to support rates proposed for this year’s busy season.
  • Analyze annual forecast: Analyze the hotel’s annual performance to determine what adjustments should be made to achieve year-end goals.
  • Compare against competitors: Check the rates of competing hotels to ensure rates are aligned with the market.


While hotel websites and online travel agencies (OTAs) deliver the bulk of guest bookings to independent hotels, operators should also take the time to personally reconnect with loyal past guests. Utilizing a blend of email marketing, direct mail, and personalized phone calls, independents can potentially bring back loyal guests with whom they’ve already developed strong relationships. Not only do these guests contribute to a hotel’s revenues, they can add great value as brand advocates by leaving insightful online reviews highlighting their experiences.

Team member training

Training team members, both new and existing, for busy season should be a well-planned and thoughtfully-executed exercise. Overall, operators must work to educate team members on the hotel’s busy season objectives and how each person’s role is critical to the property’s success. For individual departments, operators should set up position-specific trainings to ensure each team member is up-to-date on protocols and procedures related to their role. Lastly, hoteliers should stress the importance of teamwork during busy season. As the hotel gets busier, team members will need to confidently rely on one another to ensure the season is a success.

Having a strategy is critical for operators to navigate their way to success during busy season. innRoad specializes in helping independent hotels achieve their goals, so we’re here to help. Contact one of our independent hotel experts today to learn how we can help position your property to earn more profits.