Get connected to Airbnb with innroad

Get connected to Airbnb with innRoad

Get connected to Airbnb with innRoad

innRoad now offers independent lodging properties connectivity to Airbnb, the global online marketplace offering travelers lodging and tourism experiences. Airbnb spends over $23 million annually on ads in the U.S. to promote its digital platform showcasing over four million global listings and averaging 500,000 stays per night.

For innRoad’s unique independent hotel clients, Airbnb provides value as a cost-effective booking channel that complements existing inventory distribution strategies which likely include Expedia,, TripAdvisor, and direct bookings.

As a complementary booking channel, Airbnb welcomes listings hosted by professional hospitality providers who offer unique spaces and personalized hospitality to the Airbnb community. For example, properties that facilitate the emersion of their guests into the local community will likely offer value that’s desired by the Airbnb community.

Independent lodging properties that align with Airbnb’s consumer value offering stand to benefit in various ways, such as:

  • Global consumer community: Airbnb has 150 million worldwide users
  • New guest engagement: 29% of leisure and business travelers in the U.S. use Airbnb
  • Lower fees: Airbnb charges lower commission than many other third-party booking sites.
  • Growth opportunity: Airbnb wants to partner with unique lodging providers, as stated in their open letter titled “Airbnb is for everyone.”

Connecting to Airbnb through innRoad is a unique opportunity for independent properties offering guest experiences that are equally as unique. Learn more about Airbnb and how your property may benefit by scheduling a consultation with one of our independent lodging experts. Call us at 1-855-INNROAD or click here to put your property on the path to stronger profits.