Property Management System

5 Questions To Ask Your Property Management System

Shopping for a new property management system (PMS) can be challenging. In addition to the financial commitment, it requires an investment of effort and energy from hotel team members to utilize the new system to its fullest capabilities. When making this decision, independent hoteliers want to feel confident and know they’re making the right choice for their property. Here are a few questions every hotelier should ask when interviewing new PMS providers. How they respond will help hoteliers better understand which system is best for them.

How do you connect to OTAs?

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), like and Orbitz, allow independent hotels to expand their digital reach and are integral to their inventory distribution strategies. PMS providers should be able to easily explain how their software connects hotels to its OTA partners, detail the benefits of utilizing their software to leverage OTAs, and outline all costs associated with each OTA relationship.  

Do you integrate credit card processing?

Credit card processing is essential to independent hotel operations, so it should be integrated into a provider’s hotel PMS rather than operate as a standalone system. With the ability to process credit cards directly through the PMS, hotels can bill their guests and get paid faster.

How do payment and contracts work?

Subscribing to cloud-based hotel PMS software saves independent hotels more money than relying on an on-premise system that requires special equipment. Cloud-based hotel PMS subscriptions allow independents to pay a regular monthly fee without signing restrictive contracts—keeping their operations cost-effective and nimble.

How does the PMS get setup?

Setting up and training team members on a new hotel PMS should be a turnkey process for providers and painless for independents. Providers should have a dedicated team of experts who understand the needs of independent hotels and can teach hotel operators how to leverage their new PMS to improve day-to-day operations.

Is your support 24/7?

Independent hotels operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so their PMS and its provider must keep the same schedule. When issues arise, hotels must know that their PMS provider will be available to provide the support and solutions needed to keep their business running and guests happy. Anything less than 24/7 support is a risk that independent hotels should not be willing to accept.

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