Social Media

3 reasons why independent hotels should embrace social media

While many independent hotel operators have developed the skills to fully leverage the influence of social media for their property, others still have opportunities to get more value out of these digital tools. For those primarily in the latter group, here are a few reasons why embracing social media can be beneficial for your independent hotel.

Better connections with your target audience

Travelers are known for their love of social media. Channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest allow travelers to researching new destinations, share experiences, and engage with people from around the world. For independent hotels, social media provides the ultimate platform for connecting with global travelers who may become your newest guests.

To attract these guests, independents should focus on two key elements—posting great content and participating in online conversations. The better independents are attracting and building relationships with travelers, the more opportunities they can create for future bookings.

Differentiate in the marketplace

Standing out in a competitive marketplace is a challenge that all independent hotels must overcome to achieve success. Social media provides independents with avenues where they can effectively separate from competitors and position themselves as desirable lodging destinations. For example, independents can use social media to showcase the unique features of their property, promote special offers and travel packages, and strike up friendly online conversations. Every independent hotel has its own personality and social media is a great place to let it shine for travelers to see.

Low-cost online marketing opportunities

One of the great advantages of social media for independent hotels is its low startup cost. In most instances, creating a social media account is free, so any independent hotel that wants to get involved can easily do so. Over time, independent hotels can develop a strategy to smartly invest in developing higher-quality content and acquiring digital tools to help them maximize their online marketing opportunities. However, as many independent hotels have discovered, a little creativity paired with trail and error can produce great results on social media.

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