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4 Simple Ways to Speed up Your Hotel’s Check-In & Checkout Process

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Your guests’ check-in and check-out are essential to their customer journey. You want them to feel welcomed and taken care of upon arrival by providing a quick and easy check-in process. Similarly, a speedy check-out is just as vital if you want your visitors to have only positive memories and experiences at your hotel.

Most hotels follow a standard check-in routine. The guest arrives and heads to the reception to provide pertinent information and have their details checked. During this exchange, the front desk staff usually introduces the hotel’s features and regulations before handing the guest their keys or keycard. However, this traditional procedure often increases the waiting time, which is a problem for tired travelers. Delays cause a negative impression of your service, something that your hotel brand would want to avoid at all costs.

A hotel’s check-in and check-out systems must be quick to keep guests from waiting long. Through technological advancements, hoteliers can elevate every aspect of the guest experience. An optimized property management system can help expedite the check-in and check-out processes by allowing for online booking and payment processing. 

Below you’ll find four simple ways to speed up your hotel’s check-in and check-out processes.

1. Contactless Check-In

​​More and more travelers utilize technology in their trips since it makes everything easier and faster. It has become the norm to arrange travel plans remotely and online. Airlines utilize remote check-ins for convenience, and travelers will appreciate the same comfort at your hotel.

A contactless check-in option gives your visitors complete control of their stay. They can browse your room choices online and finalize the suite of their choice. Travelers can do all these without talking to staff, which is an excellent option for those who want to keep minimal human contact.

Contactless check-in allows you to collect important information to expedite guest check-in, including:

  • Client emails for direct communication
  • Guest identification documents such as license or passport
  • Credit card information for required payments pre-arrival
  • Client’s signatures and registration forms

Along with keyless entry, this is an innovation that helps clients quickly get to their rooms and begin their vacation.

You can enable remote check-ins by using a software tool, an online system that makes the process a lot easier for your guests.

2. Gather & Utilize Guest Data

A cloud-based property management system allows you to store your guests’ data. Having the details of your repeat customers is helpful during reservation and check-in. When a guest is registered in your system, you can easily personalize your services according to their preferences. For example, their room choice, customer requirements and favored amenities will be recorded, reducing time spent on check-ins.

A management software tool benefits the guests as much as the hotel. With a booking engine, users can access their data online and will have the option to view room availability by date. This way, they can plan for when they know their favorite room will be free. The ideal app will give room availability in one view and display rates for every day and every room class.

innroad cloud based property management system accessible from any device

3. Flexible Room Allocations

Most guests expect you to alter their bookings according to their demands during check-ins. For example, a guest might want to change their reservation because they want a different room on the lower floor. This widespread occurrence may cause issues if you are using the traditional method of welcoming guests. Making last-minute alterations to bookings can be challenging if you’re not using cloud-based software. On the other hand, it’s easy to reallocate rooms with the help of a hotel property management system, even those requests that come at the eleventh hour. You must log in and check if the preferred room is available. Then, you can quickly fulfill a guest’s request with just a few clicks.

4. Automate the Billing Procedure

A speedy check-out is just as important as a quick check-in. With the help of a cloud-based system, you can automate billing procedures and streamline the entire process in no time. A software tool allows you to manage all payments, chargebacks and deposits in one dashboard. The ideal system handles all transactions with point-to-point encryption, ensuring data is not accessible to malicious parties. Since everything is in one place, you spend less time coordinating between departments leaving no room for errors.

Simplify Your Check-In and Check-Out Process With a Hotel Management System

Technology plays a massive role in facilitating and accelerating many of the world’s current processes. For travelers, almost everything is arranged online, from plane tickets to booking a stay. Hoteliers should always be on the lookout for innovations to better improve the property’s operations.

When using a property management system for hotel checking, you reduce time spent on admin tasks, freeing up your schedule to focus on giving the best possible service to the guests. Happy visitors are the best kind of marketing you can have for your hotel. 

innroad payments

Powerful software doesn’t come for free; it’s an investment. But it is specially designed to boost your revenue by increasing your distribution and booking channels through integrations, giving you an edge over your competition.

innRoad: The Most Complete Property Management Software

Streamline your operations and ensure that your guests have a great experience using the world’s most complete hotel property management system – innRoad. Our property management software allows you to do the following:

  • Create, modify and manage reservations 
  • Make custom rates or room classes
  • Assign housekeeping tasks to specific staff members
  • Generates dozens of reports, including Room Forecasting, Net Sales and Daily Flash
  • View occupancy percentages

Our system is also optimized for mobile, which means you can manage your property through your phone.

With innRoad, the price you see is the price you get. There are no hidden fees and no up-charges.

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