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Improve the guest experience and enhance customer loyalty with innRoad

Guest loyalty is constantly in demand among independent hoteliers.  To capitalize on its value, operators utilize various tools and tactics, such as loyalty programs, exclusive offers, and specialized services, to develop relationships with travelers.  However, the investment some independent hotels put into programs to acquire and maintain long-term guests can put a strain on resources […]

Need help leading your team in the right direction?

Running an independent hotel is challenging, but investing time and effort into leading your hotel team members and managing their daily execution can produce lucrative returns in terms of increased bookings and long-term guest loyalty.  The nuances of the independent hotel industry are best learned through experience, but there’s also great value in advice shared […]

Guest Interactions Independent Hotels Must Get Right

Great hospitality is essential to operate a successful independent hotel, so it must be a central component of every guest interaction.  However, while the concept of providing great hospitality is understood, its execution can vary from property to property.  In many cases, it’s the small details that make the difference between a truly memorable experience […]

Don’t Loose Sight of your Competitors

Today’s savvy hotel guests are very discerning when it comes to their preferences, so more independent hoteliers are investing in their operations to ensure they consistently satisfy their wants and needs.  But this investment also serves another important purpose, it helps to separate forward-thinking hotels from their competitors.  Earning a competitive advantage in the marketplace […]

What message is your hotel website sending your guests?

Whether you’re a seasoned industry professional or a newcomer learning on the go, every independent hotelier must become an expert at effectively communicating with global travelers.  With a goal of converting travelers’ curiosity into confirmed bookings, hoteliers communicate directly with travelers in various ways, such as through marketing campaigns, but traveler communication extends beyond deliberate, […]

First impressions matter: Why online reviews must matter for your independent property

In our conversations with independent property operators, most agree that online reviews of their property posted on TripAdvisor, online travel agencies (OTAs) and social media are extremely valuable.  However, a quick scan through various review sites reveals that a sizeable portion of guest comments don’t receive the full attention they deserve from hoteliers – a […]

Overbooking: Stop making bad bets against your independent hotel

Overbooking is a touchy topic for independent hotel operators for various reasons.  On one hand, it’s a proven strategy to help guard against cancelations and no shows that leave you with empty rooms and lost revenue.  On another, overbooking is a product of operational shortcomings, particularly for hoteliers still relying on manual management tactics and […]