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Have you been wondering “where does my time go?”

There’s no doubt that running an independent hotel keeps you and your team members busy, but how confident are you that everyone is working efficiently and maximizing productivity?  We know this is a tough question for independent hoteliers to answer.  In many cases, independents rely on small teams of ambitious multitaskers to fill-in whenever and […]

Here’s how innRoad can help you efficiently run your hotel’s operations

The phrase, “Timing is everything,” is often used in referring to routine daily events, such as leaving for work before morning traffic jams or being seated for dinner ahead of the evening rush.  However, for independent hoteliers, this phrase carries a more important, stronger meaning – it perfectly underscores the urgency with which hoteliers must […]

Maximize your busy season returns with a well-crafted marketing strategy

It feels like we just celebrated New Year’s Day, but somehow, it’s already time to focus on the upcoming busy season.  Busy season is a gold mine travel period for lots of independent hotels, delivering increased guest traffic and stronger revenue.  But while many hotels enjoy a natural uptick in bookings during busy season, there […]

The three P’s of buying the right property management software for your bed and breakfast

We understand that selecting the right property management software for a bed and breakfast is challenging.  For many innkeepers, the first thought is “Where do I start?”  Then from there, an avalanche of questions start to flow into their minds, sometimes halting the process entirely due to information overload.  Fortunately, we totally understand the advantages […]

Here’s how to maximize your Bed and Breakfast’s performance

The journey for many inn keepers, their work begins with a passion for hospitality and an ambition to share it with others.  The process of cultivating and crafting this passion into a smoothly operating lodging business is exciting, but challenges of sustaining a successful bed and breakfast requires innkeepers to continuously explore ways to enhance […]

Improve the guest experience and enhance customer loyalty with innRoad

Guest loyalty is constantly in demand among independent hoteliers.  To capitalize on its value, operators utilize various tools and tactics, such as loyalty programs, exclusive offers, and specialized services, to develop relationships with travelers.  However, the investment some independent hotels put into programs to acquire and maintain long-term guests can put a strain on resources […]