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Why the summer busy season is the perfect time for independent hotels to partner with innRoad

We know that right now, independent hoteliers nationwide are experiencing the excitement and stress of the summer busy season.  With the fast pace of daily operations, many operators are focused on simply getting through each day with the tools they already have in place.  However, what if we told you that one of the best […]

How innRoad can help enhance your guests’ experience

The quality of the guest experience is what separates struggling independent hotels from highly-rated, consistently-recommended properties.  Providing memorable guest experiences allows hotels to capture more bookings, stronger revenue and various other business-building benefits.  Hoteliers consider lots of variables when executing the guest experience, but consistency and understanding guest needs are two of the most important […]

Tips and Advice for a successful rest of 2017 and beyond

Earlier this week, we provided you with helpful tips for evaluating your independent hotel’s mid-year performance.  Taking stock of how your property has performed to date is critical for understanding if you are on-target to meet annual goals or if mid-stream adjustments are needed.  Hopefully, your hotel’s performance indicators are trending positively, but if you […]

Key marketing strategies for retaining your most loyal guests

Marketing your independent hotel to travelers who are unfamiliar with your property can feel like aiming at a moving target. Depending on the traveler, booking decisions can be based on room rates, availability, room types, amenities, location, brand reputation and dozens of other personal preferences. With so many factors in play, crafting an effective marketing […]