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innRoad’s Tips and Tools for Independent Hotel Success

The roles of independent hoteliers are uniquely challenging, yet extremely rewarding.  Like their larger, chain hotel competitors, independents are tasked with providing exceptional hospitality and creating memorable experiences for their guests, but in most cases, they must execute with fewer resources, smaller budgets and leaner, multi-tasking teams.  Even with less, most independent hotels still find […]

Don’t Get Left Out: Benefits and disadvantages associated with OTAs for independent hotels

For some independent hotel operators, the mention of online travel agencies (OTAs) stirs up a mixed bag of emotions.  OTAs provide online marketing and booking technology that help level the competitive playing field for independent hotels, but these tools and increased online exposure come at a price some operators feel is too costly.  With the […]

Here’s what you need to know about your competitors

As an independent hotelier, managing your property is more than a full-time job, so there’s little time to pay attention to what’s happening at competing hotels, right?  While this may be true, it’s unfortunately a recipe for falling behind the competitive curve.  Independents have lots of autonomy and flexibility in how they position themselves and […]

3 Busy Season Goals for Every Independent Hotelier

With every passing week, we get a little closer to the much-anticipated summer travel season.  For travelers, it’s a time to get away and have fun, relax and recharge.  For hoteliers, it’s an opportunity to leverage rising traveler demand to secure stronger bookings, drive top-line revenue and capture increased profits.  However, taking full advantage of […]