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Why Marriott’s purchase of Starwood is GREAT for independent hotels

The hotel industry kicked off this week with a major announcement: Marriott International purchased Starwood Hotels in a $12.2 billion dollar deal.  At first glance, this may be viewed as another case of the rich getting richer, as well as a competitive setback for small, independent hotels.  However, although two large hotel companies are combining […]

What improvements will you make at your independent hotel in 2016?

Achieving and sustaining growth is an ongoing challenge for many independent hotels.  Consumer preferences and industry trends constantly evolve, so hoteliers must work to stay appealing to guests and ahead of competitors.  However, as many operators experience, hard work alone doesn’t always produce the desired results.  Sometimes independent hoteliers must make strategic investments to drive […]

Prepare your independent hotel for the holiday travel season

The 2015 holiday travel season has arrived.  Over the coming weeks, solo travelers, couples and families will begin crisscrossing the globe to spend time with loved ones and enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation.  While some travelers have already confirmed their flights, scheduled ground transportation and booked hotel rooms, there are plenty who will […]

Leverage meetings and conferences to boost bookings and revenue

During November and December, most independent hoteliers focus on capturing holiday travel season bookings to ensure a successful year-end.  While securing reservations in the short-term is always important, operators must also plan ahead if they wish to achieve future reservations and revenue growth.  Meetings and conferences provide independent hotels with opportunities to secure contracted bookings […]

Reasons why independent hotels fail

Reasons why independent hotels fail As experienced independent hoteliers know well, operating a hotel is serious business – not a passion project or weekend hobby.  Independent hotels operate 24/7/365 and require expert management across multiple functional areas, including hiring, training, marketing, accounting, customer service and asset management.  And with travelers constantly circulating through the property, […]

How authentic is your hotel’s digital marketing message?

Today’s digital marketing landscape evolves quickly, which unfortunately creates confusion and frustration for some independent hoteliers.  As soon as many became comfortable with their websites, email marketing and OTAs, social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram skyrocketed in importance.  And with the lightning fast pace of digital innovation, it’s only a matter of […]

Tips for effective independent hotel management: Stop filling your workday with “stuff”

Most independent hoteliers have more responsibilities on their To Do List than hours in the day.  Much of their time is spent doing “a little bit of this,” then “taking care of that” and finishing “that thing from yesterday.”  Lots of “stuff” gets done, but the most important projects, like developing marketing strategies or enhancing […]