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Invest in your team to generate strong returns for your independent property

The business of hospitality is all about taking care of people.  Whether it’s guests, co-workers, vendors or those just passing through, people working in the hospitality industry have a natural talent for making others feel welcome, regardless if it’s for a brief moment or the duration of a long stay.  For independent hoteliers, nurturing and […]

Obstacles or opportunities? Ideas that may be worth the effort for your independent hotel

We all know that some opportunities are likely to create more issues than they’re worth, so the smart decision is to simply let them pass.  However, sometimes taking a longer, harder look at what appears to be an obstacle can uncover a great, unforeseen opportunity.  Learning to navigate certain obstacles can create opportunities that unlock […]

Digital engagement tips for independent hotels

Engaging with travelers online has become one of the most important customer service responsibilities for independent hoteliers.  Travelers use digital channels to share their experiences, so hoteliers should look to leverage this valuable feedback to evaluate and improve operations, especially during the busy season.  Whether you’re an online newbie or digital pro, here are a […]

Stay Connected: Tips for maintaining guest relationships

Converting past guests into returning guests can be challenging, but very rewarding, for independent hotels.  While it’s hard to predict when they’ll return, these guests should be treated as “warm leads” who carry the potential to deliver strong revenue returns.  The key to bringing back past guests is to maintain a relationship with them post-checkout.  […]