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3 Benefits of a New Hotel Property Management System (PMS)
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Purchasing a new hotel property management system (PMS) is a major decision for independent hotel operators.  Though a new PMS will allow for streamlined operations, improved financial performance and easier delivery of guest hospitality, modifying existing routines and practices will always cause operators to think long and hard before making a switch. 

In speaking with hoteliers who are considering upgrading their hotel PMS, we always explain that the goal is not solely to purchase a new system, but for that new PMS to make operating their hotel easier.  At innRoad, we believe a new hotel PMS should provide hoteliers with the following benefits:

1. Accessibility & Flexibility

Operating an independent hotel requires a 24/7 commitment from dedicated managers.  Directing team members, monitoring finances and enhancing the guest experience keeps managers busy and on-the-go daily, so having the flexibility to access their hotel PMS from wherever the workday takes them is extremely important.

With a cloud-based hotel property management system, managers can monitor reservations, adjust rates and review performance from anywhere with an internet connection.  Security features like permission-based access keeps important data safe and separate from shared functions.  For owners and operators who wish to remain to total control of their hotel operations, a cloud-based PMS is a vital tool.

2. Time Savings

Saving time creates great opportunities for hoteliers to better serve their guests.  A robust hotel property management system allows managers to eliminate time-consuming, manual tasks, like organizing paper files and logging in and out of multiple systems – reducing the time team members spend behind the front desk.  With a hotel PMS that automates functions, managers are able to streamline and simplify daily workflows so more time is left to build relationships with guests.

3. Cost Reductions

The time savings realized from a new hotel property management system can be significant, but the reduction in operational spending has the potential to be greater.  A cloud-based, fully integrated PMS positions hoteliers to work faster and smarter with less effort. With a PMS designed for independent hoteliers, operators can:

  • Focus on purchasing one fully integrated hotel property management system to coordinate all hotel operations rather than multiple, self-contained systems that may not provide all the tools necessary to enhance the guest experience.
  • Eliminate the cost of an annual contract, software and hardware upgrades and on-site tech support required of an on-premise hotel PMS.
  • Utilize their new PMS’ booking capabilities to capture commission-free reservations through their website booking engine and secure low-cost rates for global distribution through their vendor’s existing relationships.

For hoteliers to realize these benefits, they must select a system that is designed to meet their operational needs.  As a result, operators should look to select a cloud-based, fully integrated hotel property management system with independent hotel-specific technologies including a property management system, global distribution connectivity, booking engine and revenue manager.

With innRoad’s all-inclusive hotel property management system, independent hotel owners and operators receive all the tools need to put their properties on the path to profits.  Contact us at 1.855.942.6074 or [email protected] today.

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