Hotel Management Best Practices: Understand how to run your independent hotel successfully with the help of these best practices.

PMS Direct Bookings

Direct bookings: Where we started, where we’re going

Within a relatively short timeframe, technology has quickly reshaped some of the hotel industry’s most essential functions. For example, look no further than direct booking. The fully automated digital process that travelers utilize today previously required various manual steps to complete each reservation.…
Social Media

3 reasons why independent hotels should embrace social media

While many independent hotel operators have developed the skills to fully leverage the influence of social media for their property, others still have opportunities to get more value out of these digital tools. For those primarily in the latter group, here are a few reasons why embracing social media…
Guest Journey

Leveraging technology to improve the hotel guest journey

Planning and bookingTechnology is changing how hotel guests navigate their individual travel journeys. With a few taps on a mobile device, travelers can customize their experience by seeking information, requesting services, making purchases, and interacting with hotel team members and other travelers.…
Property Management System

5 Questions To Ask Your Property Management System

Shopping for a new property management system (PMS) can be challenging. In addition to the financial commitment, it requires an investment of effort and energy from hotel team members to utilize the new system to its fullest capabilities. When making this decision, independent hoteliers want to feel…
Benefits Of Direct Booking

Benefits of direct bookings for independent hotels

Direct booking is a vital component of many independent hotels’ inventory distribution strategy. Here are some of the key benefits independents gain from direct booking:More control over the online guest experienceDirect booking allows hoteliers to better control the online booking experience…
Booking Abandonment

Booking abandonment: Why it happens and how to solve it

Booking abandonment occurs when consumers visit hotel websites, initiate the booking process but then fail to confirm a reservation before leaving the site. For hoteliers, this represents an enormous amount of unconsumed revenue and begs the question, “Why does this happen?”One reason why booking…
How Online Reviews Impact Hotel Revenue

How Online Reviews Impact Hotel Revenue

Online reviews are shaping the shopping habits of consumers. Before making important purchases, many consumers read online reviews to gather opinions from other shoppers. The influence of online reviews is also growing throughout the hotel sector, so independent hotels must be aware of and understand…
Get connected to Airbnb with innroad

Get connected to Airbnb with innRoad

Get connected to Airbnb with innRoad innRoad now offers independent lodging properties connectivity to Airbnb, the global online marketplace offering travelers lodging and tourism experiences. Airbnb spends over $23 million annually on ads in the U.S. to promote its digital platform showcasing over…
The Pros and cons of overbooking

The Pros And Cons Of Overbooking

The Pros And Cons Of Overbooking Overbooking is a strategic tool used by hoteliers to guard against leaving guestrooms vacant so they can maximize occupancy and revenue. While 100% occupancy is the ultimate reward, overbooking risks displacing guests and having to “walk” them another property at…

Is your independent hotel prepared for busy season?

With spring making its annual debut, independent hoteliers are looking forward to the upcoming busy season. However, to ensure its success, operators must begin preparing now. Here are a few important steps all independent hotels must take to maximize their busy season opportunities.Rate managementWith…