Microcall is one of the most widely used and recognized solutions on the market. Microcall captures data from any voice platform and provides active dashboards and meaningful reports that help businesses effectively manage voice operations, provide allocation of costs, detect potential toll fraud / emergency 911 alerts, increase employee productivity and ultimately reduce expenses.

Included with the purchase of Microcall is access to the Microcall Support Services team with strong industry knowledge and deep expertise gained from working with thousands of customers in every industry. This crucial part of the Microcall bundle provides customers with invaluable guidance to ensure that Microcall is properly deployed, meets their immediate needs, and that all levels of an organization benefit from Microcall and its capabilities. The Microcall Support Service team is with Microcall customers every step of the way offering industry experience and assistance, including; consulting services, remote software installation, implementation assistance, training, system audits, and on-going support services, all free of charge.