Reasons why exceptional customer service will never go out of style

Can you relate to any of the following scenarios? Your computer crashes, so you call the manufacturer’s IT support line for help… Your car breaks down, so you call the auto repair shop to set up an appointment… You’re hungry, so you call a local restaurant to place an order for delivery… However,…
upgrading the guest experience

3 tips for upgrading the guest experience at your independent hotel

Exceptional service is a hallmark of independent hotels. Whether paying $150 or $1,500 a night, every guest wants to experience great hospitality in exchange for their hard-earned dollars. While every hotel doesn’t need to provide 5-star service, it’s important that the guest experience aligns with…
improve guest experience

3 tips for using guest complaints to boost your independent hotel operations

No matter the location, size or rating of an independent hotel, providing exceptional customer service is always the top priority.  In an industry where competition is tight and your reputation can propel or hurt profits, independent hotel operators must ensure their teams are dedicated to delivering…
Customer service is key to providing a great guest experience, especially after an employee slips up.

Go above and beyond with these 3 hotel customer service tips

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in - great customer service is great customer service. And in the hospitality industry, great hotel customer service is still great hotel customer service. I was recently reminded of what I consider exemplary customer service. While I was at brunch this past…