How authentic is your hotel’s digital marketing message?

Today’s digital marketing landscape evolves quickly, which unfortunately creates confusion and frustration for some independent hoteliers.  As soon as many became comfortable with their websites, email marketing and OTAs, social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram skyrocketed…

Understand your independent hotel guests better with an email marketing survey

The busy summer travel season benefits independent hotels in various ways, including higher occupancy, healthier ADRs, increased RevPAR and more opportunities to deliver exceptional guest service.  But there’s another benefit that often goes overlooked and underutilized – an increased number of…

Email Marketing: Learn How To Do It Yourself

One of great benefits of being an independent hotelier is the flexibility to tinker and test ways to market and promote your property.  Local market advertising and strategic partnerships are some of the tried and true methods of marketing to consumers, but email still reigns as one of the most efficient…