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The hotel check-in process can have a major impact on guest satisfaction. Within our check-in and check-out resources, you’ll find all the information you need to improve the check-in and hotel check-out process.

The Benefits of Using Google Booking Links for Your Property
Why utilize Google Booking Links for your property innRoad’s Google Booking links are a great way to convert more travelers surfing the web into paying guests at your hotel. Booking links allow your website visitors to make a booking directly on Google’s website by just clicking on a link. The user experience is seamless and […]
4 Simple Ways to Speed up Your Hotel’s Check-In & Checkout Process
Your guests’ check-in and check-out are essential to their customer journey. You want them to feel welcomed and taken care of upon arrival by providing a quick and easy check-in process. Similarly, a speedy check-out is just as vital if you want your visitors to have only positive memories and experiences at your hotel.