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Enhance guest experience and set your small hotel apart from the competition. Get our expert ideas to enhance hotel guest experience in our guest experiences resources.

How Does A Hotel Property Management System Work?
If you own or manage a hotel, you probably have some reservations about using a property management system. You may be wondering if they are really worth the investment. But in fact, they can be an essential part of your hotel operations. What is a hotel property management system (PMS)? When you install a hotel […]
Why A Hotel Reservation System Is Beneficial
4 key reasons a hotel reservation system is beneficial It’s easy to get used to doing the same thing over and over again when managing your hotel business. Whether you’re using pen and paper to keep track of guests, or have a reservation system in place, it’s important to evaluate how much your current system […]
Hiring all-stars to staff your independent hotel
Success for independent hotels can be measured in many ways, such as through RevPAR and occupancy rates, online review scores, customer service ratings and profit margins. Achieving and maintaining high grades in these areas requires smart planning and a great team to consistently execute at high-levels to ensure operations run smoothly. However, even with a […]
3 Ways To Make Guests Fall In Love With Your Hotel
  How to show some extra love to your guests this February while yielding the extra returns The business of hospitality is all about taking care of people.  Whether it’s your guests, co-workers, vendors or those just passing through, people working in the hospitality industry have a natural talent for making others feel welcome, regardless […]
5 Easy Steps to Boost Room Service Sales
One of the hallmarks of the hotel service industry is excellent room service. It has played a crucial role in boosting customer satisfaction for nearly a century. Today, hoteliers are finding ways to transform room service options to boost sales, ensure guest safety and make everything more convenient for customers.
How Alpen Way Chalet Lodge Increased Efficiency and Customer Service
When utilizing innRoad's all in one property management system, Alpen Way Chalet Mountain Lodge was able to accomplish their goal of increasing efficiency so they can focus more on guests, and improve their overall business operations. They were also able to provide their staff with full support through innRoad's 24/7 customer service team.
3 Key Benefits of Adopting Small Hotel Check-in Software
Picture this: After a long day on the road (or in the air), with luggage and maybe kids in tow, you finally pull up to your hotel. Visions of hot showers, room service, and sinking into plush, luxurious pillows fill your head—until you arrive at reception and there’s no one there to greet you. Instead […]
The Pros and Cons of Overbooking Your Hotel
Overbooking is a strategic tool used by hoteliers to guard against leaving guestrooms vacant so they can maximize occupancy and revenue. While 100% occupancy is the ultimate reward, overbooking risks displacing guests and having to “walk” them another property at the hotel’s expense. Is overbooking worth the risk to your independent hotel? Let’s take a […]
Reasons Why Independent Hotels Fail
As experienced independent hoteliers know well, operating a hotel is serious business – not a passion project or weekend hobby. Independent hotels operate 24/7/365 and require expert management across multiple functional areas, including hiring, training, marketing, accounting, customer service and asset management. And with travelers constantly circulating through the property, there will always be unexpected […]
Give Your Guests more Reasons to Stay with Help from Your PMS
TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site, is a traveler’s ultimate go-to resource for planning the perfect trip. From insights on hotels, restaurants and attractions, TripAdvisor details countless destinations across the globe. Additionally, the site serves as an excellent tool for hospitality industry professionals. In their Top 13 tips for Special Offer success article, TripAdvisor provides […]