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“Go local” and make your independent hotel the center of attention this summer

Local exploration is making travel more exciting and memorable for hotel guests.  Travelers are venturing off the beaten path and navigating their way through neighborhoods in search of the things locals do.  Leveraging local knowledge and relationships, independent hoteliers can help their guests…
Learn what you need to ensure you're doing at your property when creating great guest experiences.

New Year’s Resolution #2: Creating great guest experiences

It’s the beginning of the New Year, and we don’t know about you, but we have a list of resolutions-some more manageable than others! We’ve created a list of common New Year’s resolutions independent hoteliers are facing in 2016. This week we’re tackling creating great guest experiences. The…

Are you positioning your independent hotel team members for success?

We know from working with properties across North America that independent hoteliers are arguably the most dedicated and motivated professionals within hospitality.  A key factor in their success is their ability to elevate and motivate their team members to consistently perform at a high level.  By…

Is your independent hotel’s online content too modest or does it stretch the truth? – Part 2

In a recent blog post, we started a discussion about the reasons why independent hoteliers are sometimes too modest or purposely embellish the accuracy of their online content.  Both approaches have an impact on a hotel’s performance, so it’s an important decision for operators.  In continuing…

Is your independent hotel’s online content too modest or does it stretch the truth? – Part 1

Most travelers would agree that booking independent hotel rooms online makes the reservation process easy and efficient.  With just a few clicks, they can view photos, read reviews, compare rates and then book a room.  While advanced technology makes online booking possible, one of the intangible reasons…

Reasons why exceptional customer service will never go out of style

Can you relate to any of the following scenarios? Your computer crashes, so you call the manufacturer’s IT support line for help… Your car breaks down, so you call the auto repair shop to set up an appointment… You’re hungry, so you call a local restaurant to place an order for delivery… However,…

Capture 4 times more bookings with these 4 online reputation management tips

Independent hoteliers know that online reviews factor heavily in travelers’ decision making process, but the number of travelers who rely on them and their direct influence on hotel bookings may come as a surprise. A recent study by TrustYou discovered that: • 95% of travelers use reviews when…

Tips for taking care of your business travelers

Weekly business travelers are responsible for keeping occupancy rates high, room rates stable and revenue consistent at many independent hotels. By logging hundreds of hotel nights and thousands of airline miles, business travelers generate a commanding portion of the travel industry’s revenue, so…
Improve guest happiness at your independent hotel.

Why Guest Happiness matters more for independent hoteliers, and how to keep guests happy

As an independent hotel, your guest’s happiness matters much more than your counterparts at large chain hotels. That’s because large chain hotels have droves of clients that stay at their locations across the globe. You probably have either one or a few locations that you have to manage with a small…