shoulder season

Drive independent hotel bookings with shoulder season travel experiences

Now that Labor Day weekend has come and gone, independent hotels are officially in their shoulder season.  As we recently discussed, even though it’s considered “off-peak,” shoulder season can still generate strong bookings and revenue for well-prepared hotels.  And with travel media sites, like…
labor cost management

Smart labor cost management for independent hotels

As you likely know from first-hand experience, lots of independent hotels operate on narrow financial margins, so keeping expenses low is always a priority.  For independent hoteliers looking to better control their spending, here’s 2 smart ways to manage labor costs. Scrutinize labor costs Summer…

3 leadership skills shared by top independent hotel operators

We’ll always debate whether leaders are born or made, but there’s no denying that great leadership is needed to be a successful independent hotel operator.  Top-performing hotels have great operators in-place who motivate team members, instill confidence in guests and drive the business forward. …

Three tips for enhancing guest engagement for your independent hotel

Marketing is a crucial part of an independent hotel’s day-to-day operations.  Great visibility on OTAs, positive ratings on review sites and a strong reputation in the local community are a few of the goals independent hotel operators work towards to ensure travelers continue to book rooms.  Keeping…
Here are some tips to help measure the success of your independent hotel in 2015.

Was your independent hotel successful in 2015?

Late December is the time of year when many independent hoteliers naturally begin to shift their attention toward the quickly approaching New Year.  While planning for a successful start to the New Year is essential, it’s also important to reflect on the past 12 months and take stock in your hotel’s…
For 2016, we urge independent hoteliers to kick these habits to achieve greater success.

Bad habits independent hoteliers must kick in 2016

January 1st serves as an annual “restart button” for many independent hoteliers.  It’s the day when the journey to achieve new goals, such as increasing revenue, capturing more bookings and taking better care of guests, begins.  However, as part of this yearly refresh, independent hotel operators…

Tips for more productive independent hotel management in 2016

Independent hotel management requires a very unique set of skills and competencies. Hotel leaders must successfully manage team members and their property while guests observe their every move.  Delivering first-class hospitality is challenging but also rewarding, especially when guests return home…

What improvements will you make at your independent hotel in 2016?

Achieving and sustaining growth is an ongoing challenge for many independent hotels.  Consumer preferences and industry trends constantly evolve, so hoteliers must work to stay appealing to guests and ahead of competitors.  However, as many operators experience, hard work alone doesn’t always produce…
increasing independent hotels' free online reservations

5 easy strategies for increasing independent hotels' free online reservations

Many independent hotel operators have love/hate relationships with their online travel agent (OTA) partners. They love the online exposure and new bookings provided by OTAs, but hate paying out the required commissions. As the saying goes, “It’s the cost of doing business.” However, independent…
hotel shoulder season

Use your hotel shoulder season to get your property into top shape

Labor Day Weekend marked the unofficial end of summer, so now it’s time to settle into the hotel shoulder season. With fewer guests buzzing about, it’s a good opportunity to briefly catch your breath and take stock of a successful summer. Additionally, it’s also a great time to give your property…