independent hotel data

Stop mistakes BEFORE they happen with better independent hotel data

Every day, independent hoteliers make hundreds of decisions. Many are routine, like emptying trash cans, but the outcome of more important decisions, such as seasonally adjusting ADR or taking rooms offline for repair, can affect an independent hotel’s revenue and ability to take care of guests.The…

How independent hotels can use data to their advantage

There is lots of talk about "Big Data" thanks to very large companies like IBM who can collect all kinds of data and then use expensive tools to be able to spit it back at people and make it meaningful. That's great for large organizations, but what about independent hotel owners and managers who have…

Is your hotel trending toward success?

Performance trends within the hospitality industry are pointing to a prosperous, multi-year run for hotel owners and operators across all segments.  In their annual Trends® in the Hotel Industry publication, PFK Hospitality Research reports that in 2013, on average, U.S. hotels experienced a 5.4% increase…