Independent hotel software misconceptions

We speak with independent hoteliers every day about how they manage their daily operations.  We discuss their strengths, pain points, long-term goals, etc.  In turn, they ask about our cloud-based hotel software.  Occasionally, we encounter misconceptions about hotel software.  Well, let’s say…

Avoid these social media mistakes

As an independent hotel software provider, our goal is to help hoteliers improve their operations and eliminate big, costly mistakes, like overbookings and accounting errors.  But we also coach our hotel partners on avoiding small issues so they don’t become long-term headaches.  Today, we’re looking…

3 ways hotel software should make your workday easier

Work smarter, not harder is a goal shared by many independent hotel operators.  Saving time completing tasks allows you to move on to the next responsibility faster, spend more time with guests or simply take a much deserved break.  However, as you likely know all too well, figuring out how to work…