What travelers want from your hotel website

As an independent hotel operator, your website is your most important marketing and sales tool.  Travelers rely on hotel websites for property details, such as guest rooms, amenities and services, as well as other helpful tips.  At first glance, travelers can instantly tell which hotels invest in their…
Hotel software should make your day easier - not slow down your everyday tasks.

3 ways hotel software should make your workday easier

Work smarter, not harder is a goal shared by many independent hotel operators.  Saving time completing tasks allows you to move on to the next responsibility faster, spend more time with guests or simply take a much deserved break.  However, as you likely know all too well, figuring out how to work…

How mobile technology is impacting hotel infrastructure and design

Working to hit a moving target is a task hoteliers know all too well.  Each day, room rates fluctuate, guests come and go, and, at the worst possible time, unexpected surprises seem to materialize out of thin air – it’s just the nature of the beast within the hotel business.  While operators will…

Hospitality management systems checklist for independent hoteliers

As 2014 winds down, hoteliers are preparing to take advantage of the opportunities that are expected to present themselves in the new year.  In the latest 2015 forecast from STR and Tourism Economics, occupancy is predicted to rise 0.7% to 64.2%, ADR to increase 4.4% to US$120.13, RevPAR to grow 5.2%…
cloud based hotel management software

How your cloud-based hotel management software can enhance the guest experience

The strong results posted in the latest U.S. hotel industry performance report, as well as the increases predicted for 2015, provide strong evidence that the 2009 economic recession is planted firmly in the past and that much brighter days are on the horizon.  With this surging optimism, hotel companies…

Successful hotels require 24x7 teamwork

Hotels operate on a true 24 hours a day, 7 days a week business cycle.  Travelers expect their needs to be met around the clock, both on-property and online, so operators must be equipped to handle this responsibility.  Many independent hoteliers have adapted to routinely finessing and resolving daily…

Your property management system must include a valued partner

When selecting a hotel property management system (PMS), one of the most important decisions hoteliers must make is who will be the technology vendor that provides their new PMS technology.  Many factors will contribute to their final selection, but operators should seek a vendor that understands the…

Disruption is changing the hotel industry

The hotel industry is changing.  Standards that were once the status quo are now routinely challenged and it’s travelers who are leading the charge.  Technology has helped swing the power of influence from hotels to savvy, sophisticated global travelers.  Guests know that if a hotel fails to deliver…

HITEC 2014: Guests and the Cloud

Two weeks ago our team got to spend three days at HITEC 2014, the world's largest hospitality technology show. Put on by Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP), this show is the forefront of hotel technology. Serving more than 5500 attendees, HITEC serves as a vehicle for encouraging…