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“Go local” and make your independent hotel the center of attention this summer

Local exploration is making travel more exciting and memorable for hotel guests.  Travelers are venturing off the beaten path and navigating their way through neighborhoods in search of the things locals do.  Leveraging local knowledge and relationships, independent hoteliers can help their guests…
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Recap: 3 Key Trends from HITEC 2015

Last week the innRoad team attended the annual HITEC conference in Austin, Texas. To say it was a blast would be an understatement.As we walked the floor and spoke with attendees, there were three key trends we noticed.1.    Integration: There’s a shift from premise, single solution systems…
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How your cloud-based hotel management software can enhance the guest experience

The strong results posted in the latest U.S. hotel industry performance report, as well as the increases predicted for 2015, provide strong evidence that the 2009 economic recession is planted firmly in the past and that much brighter days are on the horizon.  With this surging optimism, hotel companies…

How can a hotel management system set you apart from your competition?

As travelers seek new adventures and experiences, the lodging industry will continue to evolve and introduce new products to satisfy their desires.  The latest industry trend is home-sharing experiences where consumers opt to rent privately-owned apartments, or just space on a living room couch, rather…

How your hotel reservation software can help attract millennials

“Millennials” is the hottest buzz word and most intriguing traveler segment in the hotel industry today.  Identified as adults aged 18 to 35, it’s currently the largest traveler segment and arguably the most influential.  Almost daily, articles and research studies are published with data…

Is your cloud-based property management system putting you in the driver's seat?

STR, the hotel industry’s leading performance data gathering and reporting agency, released its August 2014 U.S. hotel industry report with impressive year-over-year results across key performance areas:•    Occupancy: 3.8% increase to 71.6% •    Average Daily Rate (ADR): 5.4% increase…

Mobile booking engines are shifting the hotel industry

Many hotels are experiencing great financial performances as the industry rebounds from the crippling 2009 economic downturn.  But as bookings and revenue have increased over the past several years, new developments in the way personal technology is adapting to fit consumer lifestyles is strongly impacting…

Disruption is changing the hotel industry

The hotel industry is changing.  Standards that were once the status quo are now routinely challenged and it’s travelers who are leading the charge.  Technology has helped swing the power of influence from hotels to savvy, sophisticated global travelers.  Guests know that if a hotel fails to deliver…

Update your hotel property management system for a profitable 2015

Just a few weeks ago, we provided tips for evaluating your hotel’s mid-year performance, so it may seem a bit early to discuss profits for 2015.  However, now is actually the ideal time for operators who are considering updating their hotel property management system (PMS) to learn about the steps…