hotel shoulder season

Lean on your independent hotel’s “shoulder” season to prepare for year-end success

Although the sun is setting a little earlier, temperatures are gradually dropping and summer ADRs may need some adjusting, independent hoteliers shouldn’t wait until the holiday travel season to prepare for the next flurry of traveler activity. We’re entering what many in the hotel industry call…
independent hotel experience

Why chain hotels cannot duplicate the independent hotel experience

If you stay up-to-date with hotel industry news, you’ve noticed the stream of announcements from major hotel chains about their new boutique hotels. Pick a major chain and it’s likely they’ve recently launched a new brand, acquired an existing one, formed a collection of properties or will be doing…
independent hotelier

Independent hoteliers: how do you improve?

I am obsessed with marketing. I think I realized it in high school when I started to watch commercials and think "why did they say it that way if they want women to purchase their brand of soda?" I liked to think about why people made purchasing decisions. So, a couple of years out of college when I…