New Year’s Resolution #1: Merging the gap between direct bookings & OTAs

Looking back at 2015, it’s hard not to notice two common themes: hoteliers looking to increase direct bookings and the increasing grasp OTAs have on the market. While we’re huge fans of listing your inventory on Online Travel Agents (OTAs), we’re even bigger fans of ensuring those guests book direct…
increasing independent hotels' free online reservations

5 easy strategies for increasing independent hotels' free online reservations

Many independent hotel operators have love/hate relationships with their online travel agent (OTA) partners. They love the online exposure and new bookings provided by OTAs, but hate paying out the required commissions. As the saying goes, “It’s the cost of doing business.” However, independent…

Take control of your online bookings

In our whitepaper, “Why travelers abandon the hotel booking process – and what you can do about it,” we take a look at various reasons why so many travelers begin the online booking process, but fail to complete it.  It’s an all too common issue that hoteliers deal with daily, so we provided…