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Increase reservations with a two-way PMS system

Picture this. You’re a small hotel owner. You have 10 rooms that you tirelessly work to keep occupied by listing on OTAs like Expedia and You try to keep track of all the emails that you get with reservation information. You update your inventory as quickly as you can, hoping that you…

New Year’s Resolution #1: Merging the gap between direct bookings & OTAs

Looking back at 2015, it’s hard not to notice two common themes: hoteliers looking to increase direct bookings and the increasing grasp OTAs have on the market. While we’re huge fans of listing your inventory on Online Travel Agents (OTAs), we’re even bigger fans of ensuring those guests book direct…

5 Tips from Client Jaybird's Inn on How to Boost Occupancy & Ranking

I love talking to our customers; they live these crazy, busy and successful lives that inspire. Earlier this week I spoke with Scott, down at Jaybird’s Inn in Florida, about the benefits of online travel agents (OTAs). He’s been running this hotel for two years now, and has been using innRoad the…
Learn how to improve your hotel's ranking and grow your reach on OTAs.

5 Tips to Improve Your Hotel's Ranking - Now!

Recently I sat in on a lecture given by OTA reps. Everyone was there-Expedia, Hotwire,, and Orbitz. While the talk was geared towards hoteliers and not vendors, I love attending educational seminars and sharing any useful information with our clients. One thing really resonated with me-OTA…

Special Offer: Earn more per booking with innRoad + Expedia

Independent hotel operators across the U.S. and Canada rely on innRoad’s cloud-based property management system to streamline their operations, manage daily performance and drive revenue growth.  innRoad also connects hoteliers to the industry’s leading global distribution channels, allowing travelers…

Why "word of mouth" is still important for independent hoteliers

The phrase “word of mouth” may sound old and outdated, but it’s still one of the most important marketing tactics for independent hoteliers.   In the past, word of mouth meant that a guest would tell 10 people about his or her experience and then, based on this recommendation, those 10 people…