marketing for independent hotel

Occupancy-driving marketing tips for independent hotels

Independent hotel marketing strategies are now more sophisticated than ever, but they’re still not too time-consuming or complicated for busy hoteliers to execute.  In many cases, creativity and consistency are the two main ingredients needed to execute successful, occupancy-driving marketing campaigns. …

Use a content calendar to keep your social media momentum

Continuing our conversation on social media for independent hotels, we want to introduce one of the most important tools for effective and efficient social media management – a content calendar.  A content calendar serves as an independent hotelier’s roadmap for maintaining consistency and developing…

Social media for independent hotels

For busy independent hotel operators, using social media professionally may seem like just another chore to squeeze into an already full workday.  Ok, we agree that it takes a little time to get comfortable with using social media for your hotel, but once you’ve figured it out, it’s fun and extremely…