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What Does A Property Management Software Do?
Property management software is often used by hotels, inns, BnBs, motels, experiential lodging, and of course, property managers. Most property management software's are mobile optimized so you can view your reservations, reports, and more while on-the-go.

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A property management software is designed to help hospitality business owners manage their reservations, monitor property performance, and streamline property operations. Although the name of the software may make it seem like it’s only for property managers, different hospitality businesses use property management software across the globe. Property management software is often used by hotels, inns, BnBs, motels, experiential lodging, and of course, property managers. Most property management software’s are mobile optimized so you can view your reservations, reports, and more while on-the-go. If you’re wanting an easier way to handle property operations, while giving your guests an easy booking experience, stick around for 4 ways a property management software will help your business. Want to learn the 6 Must-Have Features in A Property Management System (PMS)? Download our free guide today! 

1. Easily Manages Reservations 

A property management software (PMS) allows you to create, modify, and manage reservations at your front desk or through your mobile device. A cloud-based property management software will keep your property’s data online, so you can ditch the old pen and paper system. Some key features of our property management software include: 

  • A drag & drop tape chart to easily view and change reservations as needed. 
  • Mobile optimization so you can have access to all property management operations from any device anywhere in the world. Edit or view reservations while on the go. 
  • Group reservations capability so you can manage large groups without the hassle. No more unnecessary stress over large groups when using a software property management system. 
  • Multi-property functions to give you access to all properties you manage from one software. 
  • Housekeeping module with features to prioritize tasks based on guest arrival time, assign tasks to specific staff, and mark tasks as complete when a room is ready for occupancy. 
  • Unlimited users so your whole staff will have access to the software, making sure no reservations get lost or confused. 

2. Connects Your Property To Top Online Travel Agent Sites  

Having a property management software with a channel manager included will help increase occupancy and eliminate over-bookings. A channel manager connects you to the top online travel agent sites, so your property gets seen by guests looking for rooms on sites like Booking.com or Expedia. Guests all over the world have different booking site preferences, but with a direct connection to online travel agents, you’ll increase your property’s exposure to guests around the world. Plus, you can easily update your rates and inventory from one location with just a few clicks! The software really makes it that simple! 


When properties partner with innRoad, they get direct connections to 100’s of top Online Travel Agents through our software’s Channel Manager. Customer’s report seeing a 20% increase to their direct bookings from our high-converting booking engine and increased visibility through channel management. With no 3rd parties to slow things down, your rates and availability will be synced through our software in real time. innRoad’s direct connections keep your property safe from unintended over-bookings and missed opportunities due to connection delays. Our software boasts an uptime rating of 99%+ which means our properties’ listings simply perform better on OTAs (Online Travel Agents) compared to other software systems. 

3. Gives Guests A User-Friendly Booking Experience 

Property management software’s include booking engines to upgrade your current booking process. A high-converting booking engine will get you more direct bookings. Period. Plus, you can customize extra features like add-on experiences to increase your room revenue. innRoad clients have seen a 10% increase in room revenue due to a seamless booking experience for guests, and the use of add-ons at our client’s properties. Have a breakfast add-on or a romantic package to add in? Our software’s booking engine will give guests the option to add it to their reservation automatically.  

At innRoad, our software’s Booking Engine is mobile-friendly, customized to your property’s brand, and gives guests the ease of confirming their booking in just a few clicks. With a built-in rate checker, availability calendar, add-ons, and group reservation functionality, your guests will feel comfortable booking with your business at the best price.  

4. Gives You Insight Into Your Property’s Performance With Revenue Management Features 

An all-in-one cloud property management software gives you specific insights into your revenue goals and business performance over time through various reporting features. No more wondering about your occupancy rate or ADR goals with our software!  

At innRoad, our cloud-based property management software gives you complete visibility into the numbers that matter most to your property. Property operation transactions are clear and able for you to review at any time so you can have full transparency in your business. 

competitor rates

Goal Setting 

Using our software’s revenue management module, easily put a strategy in place to reach your goals and let innRoad’s cloud software system help you achieve them. Customize your goals and see real-time projected revenue forecasts for your business.  

  1. Set ADR, occupancy, and revenue goals 
  1. Get recommendations on how to meet goals 
  1. Forecast results 
 innRoad’s revenue management tools 

Monitor Progress 

How do you know if your strategy is working? There’s a few different solutions for this so you can easily monitor your goals with our software. With our revenue management features, you can have your metrics sent to you daily, weekly and monthly. Instead of spending time printing multiple reports, get an overview of your business progress that’s easy to read. 

  1. Our software’s comprehensive Performance Digest highlights how your business is performing against the goals you’ve set.  
  1. Monitor the property’s daily occupancy %, ADR, Revenue, RevPar, Cancellations, and total available room nights. 
  1. Compare current business statistics to the previous year with our cloud software. 
innroad performance digest

Surge Alerts

Take advantage of higher demand on the go! When you aren’t at front desk, get notified when reservations are rolling in quickly with our software’s surge alert features. With a few clicks you can adjust your rates right on your mobile device. 

  1. Surge Alerts will notify you when your business has received multiple bookings for the same date in a short period of time. 
  1. Adjust inventory on third party sites as occupancy increases for selected days. Focus on capturing direct bookings or increasing rates. 

Automated Rate Changes

Not at your computer? Helping guests? innRoad’s cloud software system has solutions! Our yield management features can increase or decrease your rates based on your occupancy percentage. Auto action a rate change when you receive a Surge Alert or reach a specific occupancy target. Save time and headaches and let our software system do the work. 

Get Solutions to your hotels needs with a PMS. 

A property management software has features that will help you save time, increase efficiency, increase bookings and revenue, and give guests an easy booking experience; all while streamlining your operations. When getting a cloud-based property management software, you’ll be able to manage your property on the go, get insight into your property’s performance with reporting features, easily modify reservations, and make your business visible on the top online travel agent sites. 

Ready to get a property management software that does it all? Join the thousands of properties around the globe who choose innRoad’s software to streamline their hospitality business.  

Learn more about how our software and extra features can help your property by scheduling a demo with our property advisors today!

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