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How Does A Hotel Property Management System Work?

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hotel property management system

If you own or manage a hotel, you probably have some reservations about using a property management system. You may be wondering if they are really worth the investment. But in fact, they can be an essential part of your hotel operations.

What is a hotel property management system (PMS)?

When you install a hotel property management system, you’re essentially installing software that will help run your entire business—from room reservations to housekeeping schedules, from accounting to marketing. It’s also designed to help streamline operations and make them more efficient so that your employees don’t have to work as hard (or at all) when it comes to repetitive tasks like checking guests into rooms or creating reports for accounting purposes.

hotel property management system

How exactly does a hotel property management system work?

A hotel property management system is essentially a centralized hub where all information related to managing your property can be accessed through one interface. Employees can enter new reservations into the system, see which rooms are available for those reservations, schedule oversee housekeeping (so they know who needs what rooms cleaned at what times), generate reports about how many guests stayed over which nights last month, etc. 

This software solution allows hoteliers to stay on top of their goals with revenue tracking, forecasting, financial reporting, payment processing, and daily reporting/analytics. All while ensuring a seamless guest experience.

What are the key benefits of a hotel property management system?

Hotel property management systems can help you run your hotel more efficiently, increase revenue, and improve guest satisfaction. We’ll break down a few of the key benefits of a hotel property management system below so you can get an idea of the added perks of utilizing this type of software.

1. Reduces costs by streamlining processes.

When using a PMS system for your hotel, guests are able to automatically make reservations, check in, and pay for their room online! This allows for more streamlined operations and less time dealing with changing reservations manually. Let the software do all the work!

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2. Improves customer service by automating routine tasks like check-in or check-out.

A hotel property management system frees up your front desk team to allow for a better customer experience once guests are on site. Say goodbye to the old school way of managing reservations, with a cloud-based property management system like innRoad, you’re able to check guests in, out, update reservations, and more from any device. Plus, a speedy software gives your team more time to chat with guests and build relationships. More time bonding with guests = repeat customers!

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3. Increases revenue through expanded visibility for properties 

A key benefit of using a hotel property management system is the amount of visibility it will bring to your property. Most hotel property management softwares will include channel management features that sync directly with your booking engine and reservation platform. A channel manager will highlight your property on 100’s of online travel agent sites where guests are looking to book hotels! Channel managers sync your room and rates in real time across all channels so you can easily update your inventory with one click. By utilizing the channel manager in a hotel property management system, you’ll be opening your property’s doors for guests around the world. In fact, over 3 million reservations have been created for innRoad customers through OTAs. 

greater customer experience

4. Creates a greater customer experience 

A hotel reservation system allows your guests the ease of booking online. With the growth of technology and virtual communication over the last decade, guests are turning to reserving rooms at the click of a button, instead of calling a property. With these changes, hoteliers need to make sure their system in place caters to guest booking styles.

An online booking engine is the key component that will allow for easy booking for your guests. This booking engine is shown to guests via your website and syncs directly with your hotel. Guests will be able to view information about your hotel, choose rooms, dates, make secure payments, and reserve their space directly from their phone or laptop! Maximize your hotel reservation system usage by ensuring it is mobile friendly so guests can book on the go. Having a hotel reservation system will improve your guest experience, reduce booking errors, and gives guests peace of mind when completing a transaction.

Choosing a hotel property management system that is right for your property

Overall, a hotel property management system helps hoteliers manage their operations, finances, and guest experience. It is an essential tool for any hotelier looking to maximize efficiency and profitability. When choosing a new system for your hotel, make sure to look out for the key benefits we mentioned in this article. A hotel property management system with all these features and more can work wonders for your property’s bookings!

innroad team

At innRoad, our customers benefit from a high converting booking engine, channel manager with 100s of OTA connections, easy to use tape-chart for reservations, and dozens of reporting features to stay on top of their goals. Plus, we offer 24/7 live customer support and unlimited training for your staff. Ready to have a hotel property management software like innRoad? Speak with a property advisor today!

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