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Remote Opportunity at innRoad

By Washington

VP of Engineering


This is fully remote position. innRoad is searching for Senior Software Engineers and Technical Team Leaders who knows C#.


  • 5+ years of experience using C#
  • Algorithms, data structures, Time Complexity, and Big O Notation
  • Experience writing complex ASP.NET Core Web APIs
  • Experience using Design Patterns
  • Experience architecting complex consumer or enterprise applications
  • Object Oriented Programing
  • SOLID principles
  • Test Driven Development
  • Experience using AWS, Azure or Google Cloud
  • Experience using Git


We are a technology company that creates an award-winning product for the travel and hospitality industry. We have a passion for developing high quality performing applications. We are the fastest growing company in the Travel Tech Industry in the world. We provide cutting edge technology services to the multi-billion-dollar travel and hospitality industry.  We are based in New York City and Hyderabad with remote employees in over 20 countries.

Our Product:

A web-based SaaS Hotel Managing System that helps hotels in these critical areas:

  • Create and manage reservations
  • Pricing of rooms
  • Take credit payments
  • Show available rooms to as many people as possible on the internet
  • Track their finances

Our Engineering Team: 240 people and growing in 2020 to 320:

  • 120 developers
  • 100 QAs
  • 20 DevOps, Production Support and DBAs
  • Agile Scrum methodology. Releases every two weeks. Advance DevOps systems and Continuous Integration.

Our Technology Stack:

  • Backend: Asp.net Standard, Asp.net Core, AWS Services, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL
  • Frontend: React and Knockout
  • Infrastructure: AWS

Our financial strength:

We are owned by Rose Park Advisors, a Boston Private Equity Firm of unparallel success. With more than 23 companies in their portfolio.  In March of 2021 it IPO a company calledCoupang with a stake now worth 4 billion dollars.

Interview Process:

What to Study: Please prepare – Salary offered is directly affectedby how well you do in the interviews. Julius will focus on these concepts:

  • Basics of OOP: memorize the concepts and practical applications
  • Data Structures and Basic Algorithms
  • Design Patterns: Repository, Factory. Learn the theory and practice the coding implementation
  • Basics of Asp.Net Core: How does it implement Asynchronous programing. Asp.net Core Lifecycle
  • SOLID Principles
  • T-SQL


  • JIRA
  • Bitbucket
  • Test Rail
  • Office 365


Moscow Time: 11am to 7pm
Monday to Friday, 8 hours of work per day

Mode of Employment:

Full time Contract

Form for Payment:

Direct money transfer to your bank