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How By The Sea B&B Doubled Their Revenue In One Year With innRoad
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By The Sea Bed & Breakfast was able to double their revenue within the first year of using innRoad. They were able to grow their staff and increase efficiency through our all in one property management system.

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By The Sea Guests Bed & Breakfast is a family owned property on Cape Cod. The owners own 3 properties total within a 1 block radius with 35 guest rooms, 9 suites, and 2 vacation homes available.

Together, parents, children, and future generations come to manage the operations of the inn. The family also own the Seashell Motel next door and An English Garden Bed & Breakfast down the road. The doors of the inn welcome all guests from both close and afar. The Narbonnes have plenty of hospitality industry experience and know the area in and out. Although many updates and improvements are made each year, its original structure, authenticity, and historical New England charm are still intact today, one of the many reasons for why guests return each year. The properties started using innRoad in 2020 with new ownership.

By The Sea B&B’s Goals

Their main goal for the Bed & Breakfast was to find a solution that would allow for simpler and more streamlined operations and distribution. They hoped to gain repeat guests, tap into reaching younger generations, and grow their revenue year over year.

  • Grow Their Repeat Guest Customer Base
  • Reach Younger Generations
  • Grow The Business & Revenue

Why innRoad?

Our client selected innRoad’s all-in-one PMS software to help them increase efficiency and streamline their management processes. The key to running a successful bed & breakfast is to optimize for efficiency and focus on the maximizing the bottom line. Finding the right all-in-1 hotel management system to distribute inventory to the right channels to drive bookings while also streamlining day-to-day staff efficiency was critical.

reservation system

The Results of innRoad’s All-In-One Software

When utilizing innRoad’s all in one property management system, By The Sea Bed & Breakfast was able to double their revenue within the first year of using innRoad. They were able to grow their staff and increase efficiency.

  • 100% increase in revenue after 1st year
  • Continued Property Growth
  • Increased Efficiency in Operations

100% Increase In Revenue In One Year

Since 2020, By The Sea Bed & Breakfast doubled their revenue with innRoad (100% increase) within one year and are about to do it again in 2022.

Property Growth

innRoad has helped them grow from 1 staff person to 6. They
have seen an increase in consistent repeat guests over the
years, with some guests that have been visiting the property
repeatedly for over 15 years.

Fully Supported Staff

innRoad has been very easy to learn and intuitive to provide
simple training for their staff. innRoad’s customer support
has been very responsive with any problems that arise.

Increased Efficiency

By The Sea B&B staff are able to record everything and establish efficiencies around their processes. innRoad has helped them maintain consistency and integrate with all channel providers. They can easily update rates to increase occupancy daily.

revenue management surge alerts
hotel staff

Thoughts From By The Sea Guests B&B

by the sea guests

“In the first year, we had a 100% increase in revenue with innRoad and are about to do it again in 2022. As far as using the product, I love the tape-chart and creating a reservation is pretty easy. The rates module has helped lower our costs and save weeks of time on a seasonal basis. Customer support is very responsive and quick to respond with low wait times.”

-Alexa T, By The Sea Bed & Breakfast

innRoad: The Most Complete Property Management Software For Increased Revenue & Efficiency

Give your BnB a boost with increased online presence, efficiency, and revenue. With innRoad’s property management system for BnBs, you can ensure your guests have a great user experience while allowing your staff to increase efficiency, bookings, and support. Our property management software allows you to do the following:

  • Create, modify and manage reservations 
  • Make custom rates or room classes
  • Assign housekeeping tasks to specific staff members
  • Generates dozens of reports, including Room Forecasting, Net Sales and Daily Performance Reports
  • View occupancy percentages

Our system is also optimized for mobile, which means you can manage your property through your phone. With innRoad, the price you see is the price you get. There are no hidden fees and no up-charges. Consider speaking with a property advisor today to learn how innRoad’s all in one software can help your BnB grow!

get a demo speak with a property advisor

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