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Hotel Booking Engine

Get More Direct Bookings. Period.

innRoad’s secure property management booking system makes it easy for guests to make reservations directly on your website.

Create a seamless website booking experience for potential guests.

  • Confirm their booking in just a few clicks
  • Group reservation functionality
  • Create multi-room reservations
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Hotel Rate Checker

Our booking engine keeps potential guests on your site by showing the rates you are sending to OTAs – giving them confidence they are getting the best rate.

  • Avoid booking abandonment to the OTAs
  • Always guarantee the best rate when booking directly
  • Save on commission fees

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Availability Calendar

Do your repeat guests have a favorite room or location at your property? With our hotel booking system software, your guests have the option to view your entire availability by room and date. With this feature, guests can plan trips for when they know their favorite room will be available.

  • Give overview of availability in one view
  • Display rates for every day, for every room class
  • Highlight minimum night stay requirement and other rules

Mobile Optimized

innRoad’s mobile hotel booking engine is built to help convert guests when booking on the go. We provide you with the best hotel booking engine optimized for all mobile devices.

  • Give guests confidence to book from anywhere
  • 81% of reservations are made on a mobile device
  • Optimization increases website load speed

Upsells & Add-Ons

Have more to sell at your property than just rooms? Using our hotel booking software, innRoad’s clients typically add 10% more revenue by offering on-brand touches like bottles of champagne or other unique experiences within their booking engine, right before guests complete their reservation.

  • Personalize the guest experience
  • Create customer loyalty
  • Give guests a reason to leave a 5-star review

All the features you need to increase direct bookings

Support for Multiple Properties

innRoad’s multi-property hotel booking engine allows guests to search for availability across multiple properties.

More Bookings, Anywhere

No matter where your property is located or where your guest may be originating from, innRoad has you covered with the best hotel booking engine for multiple locations, which supports 17 currencies and languages.

Safe & Secure

Guests need to be confident their information will be safe. innRoad is PCI DSS compliant and handles all transactions with point to point encryption, ensuring guest data is not accessible by malicious 3rd parties.

Increased Visibility with Analytics Tools

innRoad’s online hotel booking software integrates with Google Analytics out of the box, including e-commerce tracking. Our hotel booking engine also integrates with other 3rd party web analytic tools, since it gives you the ability to easily understand your website and digital marketing conversion metrics.

ADA Compliance

innRoad has made several enhancements to our hotel booking systems software to follow ADA guidelines. While there is no governing body that provides an official ADA certification, we have taken significant actions to adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, provided by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

innRoad allows you to easily comply with GDPR. The innRoad GDPR interface allows you to easily find all records for a guest and either share the information with the guest (Right to Access) or anonymize the guest’s personal data when requested (Right to be forgotten).

Why Is a High Converting Hotel Booking Engine Important?

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of abandoned reservations happen because the guest leaves to see if they can find cheaper rates on the OTAs.

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of reservations are made on a mobile device. If a property’s booking engine isn’t mobile optimized, they could be losing potential guests due to a cumbersome booking process.

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of guests agree the 3 most important when considering an online booking are: high quality room images, less clicks and pages and feeling comfortable with leaving credit card information.

Not sure if you might be missing out on bookings for any of the above reasons?

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