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Track your property’s performance, identify growth opportunities and increase revenue

Everything at your fingertips

Our PMS software comes pre-loaded with dozens of helpful reports that allow you to maintain visibility into all areas of your business, track your personal goals and increase revenue.

  • Customize, filter and save specific reports for quick and daily reference
  • Batch reports for financials or other important business areas
  • Schedule and send reports to different employees or teams

Whatever area of performance is important to you, we can help you create a report for it for ultimate transparency.

Quickly check on performance

Access a variety of valuable performance reports for your property. From a quick glance at current performance and operational data (Daily Flash) to year over year pacing on performance on occupancy, revenue and other top metrics (Pace Report), our in-depth reporting gives you the information needed to evaluate and optimize your property’s performance. 

Download a sample of our Daily Flash report

Analyze front desk activity

Get an in depth look at all of the activity taking place at the front desk including reservation details, guest contact information, cancellations, guest compliance and more. 

All of your financials in one place

Quickly and easily track and review all accounting information with detailed views into advanced deposits to accounts and receivable information.

  • Advanced deposits
  • Account balances (i.e. city ledger)
  • Folio balances
  • Ledger balances
  • Transactions

New Features Added Regularly

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Using innRoad Gets You More

We’re committed to helping you grow your business. As such, our software features are designed to work not just as separate components, but as a cohesive system to save you time, money (and possibly your sanity). 

Get strategic about rate management

How do you know if your rate management strategy is working? Simple – You can have your metrics sent to you daily, weekly, and monthly. Instead of spending time printing multiple reports, you can automatically receive an overview of your property’s progress that’s easy to read and take action from.

  • Monitor daily occupancy rates, ADR, revenue goals, and more
  • Customize your goals and see real-time projected revenue forecasts
  • Report on how your pacing towards your goals with daily reports sent to your inbox

Take advantage of increased demand

Our Surge Alerts feature notifies you when your property has received multiple bookings for the same date in a short period of time. Using our state-of-the-art hotel revenue management solution, you can take advantage of higher demand quickly with just a few clicks. 

  • Take advantage of higher demand at any time
  • Get notified and respond quickly – all on your mobile device
  • Adjust your rates in real-time, with just a few clicks

Unprecedented growth through automation

Our PMS software comes loaded with helpful features to help you maximize efficiency at your property. Plus, our features are designed to work in tandem with one another for exponential growth and efficiency. 

For instance, our Yield Management tool can increase or decrease your rates automatically, based on changes in your occupancy percentage. When combined with our Surge Alerts feature, you can automatically issue a rate change when you receive a surge alert or reach a specific occupancy target. 

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