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How Does A Hotel Property Management System Work?
If you own or manage a hotel, you probably have some reservations about using a property management system. You may be wondering if they are really worth the investment. But in fact, they can be an essential part of your hotel operations. What is a hotel property management system (PMS)? When you install a hotel […]
3 Ways To Increase Your Hotel Bookings This Spring
How to boost your hotel bookings this spring It’s springtime, and we’ve got some great tips for you! Spring is here, which means it’s time for travelers to start planning their vacations. But if you’re a hotel owner or manager, how do you make sure your booking rates are high enough to make the season […]
The Benefits of Using Google Booking Links for Your Property
Why utilize Google Booking Links for your property innRoad’s Google Booking links are a great way to convert more travelers surfing the web into paying guests at your hotel. Booking links allow your website visitors to make a booking directly on Google’s website by just clicking on a link. The user experience is seamless and […]
Why A Hotel Reservation System Is Beneficial
4 key reasons a hotel reservation system is beneficial It’s easy to get used to doing the same thing over and over again when managing your hotel business. Whether you’re using pen and paper to keep track of guests, or have a reservation system in place, it’s important to evaluate how much your current system […]
Hiring all-stars to staff your independent hotel
Success for independent hotels can be measured in many ways, such as through RevPAR and occupancy rates, online review scores, customer service ratings and profit margins. Achieving and maintaining high grades in these areas requires smart planning and a great team to consistently execute at high-levels to ensure operations run smoothly. However, even with a […]
3 Ways To Make Guests Fall In Love With Your Hotel
  How to show some extra love to your guests this February while yielding the extra returns The business of hospitality is all about taking care of people.  Whether it’s your guests, co-workers, vendors or those just passing through, people working in the hospitality industry have a natural talent for making others feel welcome, regardless […]
Improving Your Hotel’s Efficiency & Productivity
Maximizing efficiency and productivity will always be a daily challenge for independent hoteliers, but there are solutions for improving the quality of daily workflows and getting more out of each day. Here are a few tips to help:   Identify team members strengths and weaknesses The great thing about having a team of ambitious multi-taskers […]
Get 50% Off 3 Months of Your New Property Management System
How to take advantage of 50% off your first 3 months For the month of January only, you can get 50% off your first 3 months with innRoad. Our team wants to help your business grow in the new year, and would love to give you the chance to save money from the start. This […]
4 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Hotel
The new year has arrived which calls for new years resolutions for your hotel! We know what you’re thinking, how do I figure out what kind of resolutions to do for a hotel? We’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’ll discuss 4 new years resolutions for your hotel that will help increase your reputation, […]
A Guide To Hotel Payment Processing
An important feature for any hotel or property to have is a reliable payment processing system. A hotel payment processing system allows you to receive payments in person or online, for every guest that checks in at your hotel. Without a payment processing system, you wouldn’t be able to continue serving guests and growing your […]
3 Ways To Market Your Hotel This Holiday & Travel Season
The holidays are upon us! It’s time to prepare your hotel, bed and breakfast, campground, or inn with the holiday cheer that will bring in guests this winter season. Using our 3 strategies to market your property, you’ll be able to have opportunities to close out 2022 and kickoff 2023 with increased bookings and revenue. To […]
innRoad takes on HX: The Hotel Experience
Our US team exhibited at the HX Show in New York City this past week on November 13th and 14th, and wanted to share our team’s experience! The HX Show was a two-day, high-impact conference designed to help hospitality professionals navigate today’s evolving hospitality landscape and build their business. The show had over 25 sessions […]
4 Easy Ways To Manage Revenue For Your Hotel
An important part of owning or working at a hotel is revenue management. Managing your revenue properly allows you to have a good understanding of your hotel’s opportunities and soft spots in your business. How can you achieve revenue and occupancy goals to ensure your property is performing at its best? Below, you’ll find key […]
3 Ways To Enhance Hotel Operations During Shoulder Season
Holiday season, or as independent hoteliers call it "shoulder season", provides properties with a great opportunity to build upon a busy summer by gearing up their operations to ensure a successful holiday travel period and strong start to the New Year.  Here are a few ways properties can utilize holiday season/shoulder season to enhance daily operations.
5 Easy Steps to Boost Room Service Sales
One of the hallmarks of the hotel service industry is excellent room service. It has played a crucial role in boosting customer satisfaction for nearly a century. Today, hoteliers are finding ways to transform room service options to boost sales, ensure guest safety and make everything more convenient for customers.
11 Ways to Boost Hotel Occupancy
As a small hotel owner, you’re no stranger to the peaks and valleys of the travel industry. Filling your rooms every night may be a breeze during your busy season, but when your low season comes around, getting enough bookings to fill even half your rooms can feel about as easy as getting teeth pulled. […]
How Alpen Way Chalet Lodge Increased Efficiency and Customer Service
When utilizing innRoad's all in one property management system, Alpen Way Chalet Mountain Lodge was able to accomplish their goal of increasing efficiency so they can focus more on guests, and improve their overall business operations. They were also able to provide their staff with full support through innRoad's 24/7 customer service team.
4 Simple Ways to Speed up Your Hotel’s Check-In & Checkout Process
Your guests’ check-in and check-out are essential to their customer journey. You want them to feel welcomed and taken care of upon arrival by providing a quick and easy check-in process. Similarly, a speedy check-out is just as vital if you want your visitors to have only positive memories and experiences at your hotel.
3 Key Benefits of Adopting Small Hotel Check-in Software
Picture this: After a long day on the road (or in the air), with luggage and maybe kids in tow, you finally pull up to your hotel. Visions of hot showers, room service, and sinking into plush, luxurious pillows fill your head—until you arrive at reception and there’s no one there to greet you. Instead […]
Top 3 Reasons You Need A Cloud-Based PMS For Your Small Hotel
If you’re used to using an old school pen and paper system, a spreadsheet, or an outdated property management system to manage your small hotel, it can be hard to make the switch to a more advanced cloud-based hotel PMS—even when you know you should. We totally get it! If you’re used to using an […]
What Is the Best PMS For Small Hotels?
If you own or manage a small hotel, you don’t need us to tell you that small hoteliers face different challenges than owners or managers of larger properties. As a small hotel owner, you know these challenges first-hand. With fewer staff to rely on and smaller budgets to work with, managing a smaller property often […]
Benefits of Direct Bookings for Independent Hotels
Direct booking is a vital component of many independent hotels’ inventory distribution strategy. Here are some of the key benefits independents gain from direct booking: More control over the online guest experience Direct booking allows hoteliers to better control the online booking experience for their guests. With booking engine technology integrated into their website, hotel […]
The Pros and Cons of Overbooking Your Hotel
Overbooking is a strategic tool used by hoteliers to guard against leaving guestrooms vacant so they can maximize occupancy and revenue. While 100% occupancy is the ultimate reward, overbooking risks displacing guests and having to “walk” them another property at the hotel’s expense. Is overbooking worth the risk to your independent hotel? Let’s take a […]
Benefits and Disadvantages Associated with OTAs for Independent Hotels
For some independent hotel operators, the mention of online travel agencies (OTAs) stirs up a mixed bag of emotions. OTAs provide online marketing and booking technology that help level the competitive playing field for independent hotels, but these tools and increased online exposure come at a price some operators feel is too costly. With the […]
Here’s How to Prepare your Independent Hotel for Winter
Shoulder season has been enjoyable for lots of travelers and independent hoteliers, but while this great fall weather may last for a few more weeks, winter is definitely on the way. Cold, wet and icy weather presents various challenges for hotels, but preparing in advance can make operating during the winter much easier. Here are […]
Understanding the Importance of Online Hotel Reviews
Independent hotel operators understand the importance of online hotel reviews. However, there are still some who aren’t taking advantage of their influence. We get it – managing online reviews adds more work to your already overflowing To Do List, so it’s easier to just ignore them. Well, as with any other decision, there are pros […]
Reasons Why Independent Hotels Fail
As experienced independent hoteliers know well, operating a hotel is serious business – not a passion project or weekend hobby. Independent hotels operate 24/7/365 and require expert management across multiple functional areas, including hiring, training, marketing, accounting, customer service and asset management. And with travelers constantly circulating through the property, there will always be unexpected […]
How Secure is Your Hotel Property Management System?
Technology has completely redefined the meaning of instant gratification for travelers. Equipped with laptops and mobile phones, the most adventurous travelers can book flights on their way to the airport, reserve hotel rooms after landing and then request car service or book rental cars to complete the final leg of their journey. While every consumer […]
Strong Core Values and Culture Will Guide Your Independent Hotel to Success
The phrase, “culture eats strategy for lunch,” is often used when discussing the importance of having a strong company culture. In hotel terms, it means that a strong culture can have more influence over your independent hotel operations than a standalone business strategy. Additionally, it’s said that a long-term strategy cannot be sustained without an […]
Business or Leisure Travelers: Who is Driving Your Independent Hotel Forward?
Which of these profiles sounds like your independent hotel? A.)  From Monday through Thursday, lots of business people can be seen quickly wheeling briefcases and luggage through the lobby on their way to their rooms, meetings or the airport to catch their next flight. But on weekends, the excitement of guests moving around the hotel […]
3 Strategies for Retaining Your Independent Hotel’s Top Talent
Working in the hotel industry is challenging, but also very rewarding. It’s a great place for gaining diverse professional experiences and developing a long-lasting career. While every independent hotel team member will not advance into a leadership role, it is still extremely important for operators to make great hires and then retain top talent across […]
Owned, Paid, and Earned Digital Media for Your Hotel
Marketing for independent hotels has come a long way from simple word of mouth. While the tried and true methods are still very reliable, the marketing landscape has changed drastically. Where marketing was once primarily done in-person, over the phone and via mass print media with billboards and publications, it is now prominently executed online. […]
Gain a Competitive Advantage With a Hotel Central Reservation System
Tech-savvy hotel operators have more digital tools available to help propel their business forward than ever before. Social media, online travel agents, website and mobile booking engines, mobile/tablet apps and other 3rd party technologies make it easier for hotels to connect with travelers across the globe. However, with enhanced access to potential guests providing greater […]
Tips For Developing Your Independent Hotel’s Social Media Calendar
Recently, we’ve provided helpful tips for getting your independent hotel up and running on social media. While getting started can be challenging, sustaining a regular posting schedule can be even more difficult if you do not plan ahead. Developing a social media calendar is essential for staying organized and on-schedule with posting high-quality content that […]
Why more Travelers are Taking “Staycations”
“Going local” is one of the hottest concepts influencing consumer spending habits. More and more people are showing interest in eating locally-sourced foods, supporting neighborhood businesses and, to the benefit of independent hoteliers, spending their travel dollars close to home, otherwise known as taking “staycations.” And the great news for independent hotel operators is this […]
Encourage Your Hotel Guests to Share Their Experiences on Social Media
Over the past 15 years, social media has drastically changed the way we communicate on a global scale. Websites and mobile apps, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, allow people to share their experiences with anyone who wants to pay attention. And though many claim they’re too busy to keep tabs on social media, the numbers […]
Give Your Guests more Reasons to Stay with Help from Your PMS
TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site, is a traveler’s ultimate go-to resource for planning the perfect trip. From insights on hotels, restaurants and attractions, TripAdvisor details countless destinations across the globe. Additionally, the site serves as an excellent tool for hospitality industry professionals. In their Top 13 tips for Special Offer success article, TripAdvisor provides […]
Why Global Distribution and Revenue Management are Essential to Hotel Management
“Global distribution” describes the network of channels that connect hotels with travelers and allows them to showcase their available rooms and rates through online travel agents (OTA), such as Hotels.com and Booking.com. Global distribution is essential for hotels that are looking to attract more guests and increase bookings. However, for hotels to maximize these revenue-generating […]
Control Your Hotel’s Budget With a Hotel Revenue Management System
Hotel budgets are impacted by a variety of factors, such as seasonality, events, labor and competition. And, of course, unforeseen occurrences, like extreme weather, have the ability to drastically skew or contribute a surprise lift to forecasted figures. Budgeting will never evolve into an exact science, but utilizing the proper technology and strategies will allow […]