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Hotel Reservation Management

Covered by a powerful, all-in-one room reservation system

A central hotel reservation system

A hotel reservation system (also referred to as a central reservation system or CRS for short), works in tandem with a property management system (PMS) and allows a hotel or property to manage their room reservations, inventory and rates.

Oftentimes, the term CRS is used interchangeably with a property management system (PMS) or internet booking engine (IBE), although they are technically separate pieces of software. They can be sold as separate components or integrated together within a larger PMS system.

Making your life easier is our goal

At innRoad, we’re all about making life easier for hotel managers. We refer to our PMS software as an all-in-one system because it comes standard with a streamlined central reservation system and high converting booking engine, integrated together as a cohesive solution – There’s no need to purchase a separate booking engine or CRS. 

Our PMS software is perfect for both large and small boutique and independent hotels, as it covers all aspects of the reservation process, from receiving and confirming bookings, to handling check-ins, managing room inventory and ensuring a smooth check out for your guests. What’s more, the advanced reporting and accounting features allow hotel owners the visibility they need to ensure operations are running smoothly and on target.

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Using innRoad gets you more

Aside from the standard components of our PMS, our system offers the flexibility to integrate a variety of additional features, based on your specific needs. Our property advisors can help you decide which solutions are best based on your goals, while our implementation team will hold your hand throughout the onboarding process while you familiarize yourself with your new tools. 

Check out these other useful features that can be integrated with your new PMS:

revenue management

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