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Expand the visibility of your property and increase bookings via Google's Metasearch Engine

Drive more direct bookings with Google

Google is the largest driver of search activity in the world. The search giant owns 90% of search engine market share worldwide while other popular search engines like Bing and Yahoo make up much smaller pieces of the pie. Obviously, getting your hotel ranked and visible in search, especially in Google’s Hotel Search, can be a huge win and a major driver of revenue for your property.

Fortunately, our integration with Google Hotels means that we can do all of the heavy lifting to get your property listed in Google Hotel search, at no extra charge to you! It’s included in your PMS subscription as part of our all-in-one commitment.

google hotels plus innroad integration

How it Works

When guests are looking for hotel stays in Google Maps, Google Search or Google Hotels, your property will also appear in the search results. 

Google’s Free Booking Links sit below paid hotel ads and offers a great way to get more direct bookings without paying advertisement costs or expensive commissions to online travel agent sites (OTAs)

google hotels free booking links screenshot

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We’ll set you up for success

Our dedicated implementation managers work as the bridge between our new clients and online travel sites (OTAs) – including partners like Google – to take much of the heavy lifting off of your plate while getting your property live as soon as possible. Our team also trains you on maximizing the use of your new hotel channel management system.

  • Full system setup including rates, room classes and other OTA connections
  • Unlimited 24/7 live support
  • Unlimited training included

Tools & Strategies that Drive Google Bookings

It’s not enough to just get listed – We’ll give you the tools you need to manage your listings successfully

Live up to date rates and availability to ensure you’re staying competitive in Google Hotel searches.

You’ll have complete visibility into your highest-performing channels with our reservations by source report.

No manual entry – All reservations from Google interface in our hotel channel management system in real-time.

Our dynamic distribution module allows you to post only the rooms and rates you want; on the dates you want!

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