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What Is A Channel Manager In The Hotel Industry?   
channel manager for hotels
With access to update rates and availability on every channel, you’re increasing your chances of a potential guest booking with you. When you offer your rooms on more sites, expect to see increased bookings and generated revenue from each platform. Not only will this save your hotel time, but it also has other key benefits that will help your property grow.  

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What is a channel manager in the hotel industry? 

In the hotel industry, a channel manager is a tool that allows you to sell and sync your current rooms and availability directly with online travel agents. Channel managers are very popular in the hotel industry, since they provide a way for your hotel to reach more guests that are booking rooms. 

How Does Channel Management Software help hotels? 

Put simply, channel manager’s help increase occupancy and eliminate overbookings. They remove the hassle of constantly updating and adjusting your online travel agent listings manually. Each channel is used by guests around the world, but everyone has their favorite hotel booking site. With access to update rates and availability on every channel, you’re increasing your chances of a potential guest booking with you. When you offer your rooms on more sites, expect to see increased bookings and generated revenue from each platform.

Not only will this save your hotel time, but it also has other key benefits that will help your property grow.  

A Hotel Channel Manager Connects Your Property To Top Online Travel Agent Sites  

A channel manager platform connects you to the top online travel agent sites, so your property gets seen by guests booking a vacation and looking for rooms on sites like Booking.com or Expedia. Guests all over the world have different booking site preferences, but with a direct connection to online travel agents, you’ll increase your property’s exposure through hotel channel management.

A hotel channel manager allows your property to maintain control over your online listings, hotel photos and current booking policies. Not only that, but you’ll be able to improve distribution decision making and hotel management by having channel reports for each booking made with your hotel. With this in hand, you can better manage the channels you should focus on to increase your hotel’s revenue. Plus, you can easily update your rates and hotel inventory on each channel from one location with just a few clicks! A software that does the work for you while increasing your revenue? Yes please! 

When properties sign up for our property management system at innRoad, they get direct connections to 100’s of top Online Travel Agents (OTAs) through our included Channel Manager.

Having channel management technology in place will save you time so you can focus on your guests and provide a special experience for them. More time spent catering to your guests particular needs will lead to increased customer satisfaction, positive word of mouth and increased bookings (and also, repeat customers. 

Channel Managers Increase Your Hospitality Bookings Through Higher Visibility 

With your property being shown to more guests online seeking rooms through a channel manager, your bookings and revenue will naturally increase. innRoad customers report seeing a 20% increase to their direct bookings from our high-converting online booking engine and increased visibility through channel management. innRoad’s property management system boasts an uptime rating of 99%+ which means our properties’ listings simply perform better on OTAs within the hotel industry. Looking for more bookings? Our channel management software has you covered. 

Upon signing up for our industry leading channel manager, you’ll get full visibility into your highest performing channels with our reservations by source report. The reservations by source report is part of our revenue management platform and reporting features available in our software. This report allows you extra management of your Online Travel Agents (OTAs) by seeing a distribution of the top channels in the hospitality industry where guests are booking online. Plus, never miss an opportunity to add or remove online inventory to your channels with our occupancy and pace alerts. These alerts are synced with your online management software so you can meet your hotel’s goals. 

Hotel Channel Management Takes Care Of Your Rate Syncing 

With no 3rd parties to slow things down, your online rates and availability will be synced in real time through our channel management system. innRoad’s industry-leading channel manager software has direct connections that keep your property safe from unintended overbookings and missed opportunities due to connection delays. 

How Many Bookings Are Made Through A Channel Manager in the hotel industry? 

Hotel channel managers are known in the management industry for increasing room bookings and revenue for hotels, BnBs, Vacation rentals, and more.  

  • 84% of online reservations in the hospitality industry were made through Online Travel Agents (OTAs) in 2019. 
  • 73% of all hotel Online Travel Agent (OTA) reservations in 2018 were placed through Expedia and Booking.com. 
  • 460 Million travelers visit TripAdvisor’s online site every month when planning a vacation. 
  • Over 2 million people on average stay in an Airbnb property each night. 

Over 3 million reservations have been created for innRoad customers through our channel manager’s platform and connection to online travel agents. Get ready to increase your hotel’s revenue when you’re listed on all the top channels.

Conclusion: What Is Channel Manager Software in the Hotel Industry and How Will It Increase Management Efficiency? 

A hotel management software that includes a channel manager provides your hotel with the tools you need to increase room bookings, visibility, and connect to the top online travel agents so guests can easily find and book your hotel.  

Ready to add a channel manager to your property? Our software platform will set you up for success! Upon signing up for our property management system, our dedicated implementation managers work as the bridge between our new clients and our trusted OTA partners, taking much of the heavy lifting off our busy clients.

  • Full system setup including rates, room classes and OTA connection 
  • Unlimited 24/7 live support available to every user on our software. Talk about ultimate hospitality! 
  • Unlimited training included for each group or individual at your property. Get the training you need, accessible at your fingertips. 

Learn more about how innRoad’s channel manager can help you increase revenue, bookings, and overall hotel management by scheduling a demo with one of our property advisors today! 

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