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Revenue Management

Give Your Dynamic Rate Strategy a Boost

innRoad’s Rate innSights tool allows properties to achieve revenue and occupancy goals by giving hoteliers complete visibility into opportunities and soft spots in their property’s occupancy

Goal Setting

It’s easy. Put a strategy in place to reach your goals and let innRoad help you achieve them. Property’s can customize their goals and see real-time projected revenue forecasts

  • Set ADR, occupancy, and revenue goals
  • Get recommendations on how to meet goals
  • Forecast results

Monitor Progress

How do you know if your strategy is working? Have your metrics sent to you daily, weekly and monthly. Instead of spending time printing multiple reports get an overview of the property’s progress that’s easy to read.

  • innRoad Performance Digest highlights how your property is performing against the goals you’ve set.
  • Monitor the property’s daily occupancy %, ADR, Revenue, RevPar, Cancellations, and total available room nights.
  • Compare current statistics to previous year.

Surge Alerts

Take advantage of higher demand on the go! When you aren’t at front desk, get notified when reservations are rolling in quick. With a few clicks you can adjust your rates right on your mobile device.

  • Surge Alerts will notify you when the property has received multiple bookings for the same date in a short period of time.
  • Adjust inventory on third party sites as occupancy increases for selected days. Focus on capturing direct bookings or increasing rates.

Automated Rate Changes

Not at your computer? Helping guests? Yield Management can increase or decrease your rates based on your occupancy percentage. Auto action a rate change when you receive a Surge Alert or reach a specific occupancy target. Save time and headaches and let your system do the work.

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