Hotel Self-Check-In

Expedite the check in and check out process for your guests with a fully contactless experience

Saving time for you and your guests

With our online hotel self-check-in system, guests can submit their contact info, IDs, credit card information and sign registration forms online before they arrive at the hotel!

  • Expedite the check-in and check-out processes
  • Confirm contact info including email and phone numbers prior to arrival
  • Optionally collect IDs (i.e. drivers license, passport) as required
  • Capture credit card information and required payments
  • Sign and store registration forms and documents
  • Schedule emails inviting your guests to check-in online pre arrival

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Upsell Early Check In

  • Guests can select a time that they plan to arrive at your property. Their selection will be saved with their reservation in innCenter. 
  • If a guest is planning to arrive earlier, then your standard check-in time you have the option to sell guests an early check-in time directly in the contactless check-in process.
  • Upsell any products and bundles during the check-in process such as a bottle of wine or a spa treatment. 

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