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Hotel task management is a general term within the hospitality industry that refers to the process of organizing, assigning, and tracking tasks within a hotel. This typically involves managing the various activities and responsibilities that need to be carried out by hotel staff to ensure smooth operations and deliver exceptional guest experiences.

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We want to make life easier on behalf of our clients. That’s why our property management software includes task management functionality which allows hotel managers to streamline and automate their hotel’s task management needs.

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Task Creation
Tasks can be created for different departments and individuals within the hotel, like housekeeping, front desk and maintenance. 

Task Assignment
Once tasks are created, they are assigned to specific staff members or departments responsible for their completion. 

Tasks may be assigned priority levels to indicate their importance and urgency (i.e. based on guest arrival time).

Task Tracking
Hotel managers and supervisors can monitor the status of tasks, and take necessary actions to ensure timely completion.

Analytics and Reporting
Hotel managers can generate reports to provide insights into task performance, resource allocation, and productivity.

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