End of Season Hotel Maintenance Checklist for Small Hotels
It’s easy to set aside small repairs and preventive maintenance when guests are checking in and out every day and your staff is focused on managing all the demands of your busy season. But when your peak season has come and gone, you may not be able to ignore all that wear and tear.

With fewer guests to work around and (generally) cooperative weather, the end of your busy season is the perfect time to tackle maintenance tasks you’ve been putting off all summer. It’s also a great time to get started on your hotel preventive maintenance routine before your seasonal staff finish for the year, winter weariness sets in, or the weather gets so bad you can’t bring yourself to venture outside to make updates and repairs.

Hotel preventive maintenance is key to maintaining your small hotel’s cash flow and budget. Spending money on repairs before something breaks may seem unnecessary, but reactive maintenance (as in waiting for something to break before fixing it) is often costlier, and typically requires more downtime than planned preventive maintenance. Reactive maintenance can also negatively impact your guest experience if a key system breaks down when guest occupancy is high—if your pool filter or AC breaks down on a hot day, or your oven fails in the middle of a wedding you’re catering, for example.

Developing a maintenance schedule is key to managing preventable repairs and reducing unplanned downtime. In this post, we’ll start by taking a quick look at developing a hotel preventive maintenance schedule, then share our end-of-season hotel maintenance checklist.

Let’s get started.

Creating a Hotel Preventive Maintenance Schedule

If you don’t already have a hotel preventive maintenance schedule, start by assessing your equipment and systems to determine which may need your attention first, then build your schedule from there. Break up your preventive maintenance tasks into daily, bi-weekly, quarterly, seasonal, and bi-annual or annual tasks.

Seasonal hotel preventive maintenance tasks can include things like:

The exact nature of your seasonal maintenance will vary by season, so your springtime seasonal maintenance routine will be different from your end-of-season fall or winter maintenance. Let’s dig into our end-of-season hotel maintenance checklist.

End-of-Season Hotel Maintenance Checklist

Here are 11 key seasonal tasks that are perfect to tackle during the fall shoulder season:

1. Review your property improvement plan

Are you hoping to make large-scale changes or renovate your property? The end of your high season is a great opportunity to review your plans and get started on the updates, including:

2. Repairs you’ve been putting off

With busy season in your rear-vew mirror, it’s time to tackle all your minor repairs:

3. Freshen up around your property

Take advantage of the still-favorable fall weather to:

4. Take an inventory of your supplies

With your busy season behind you, now is the time to:

5. Start planning your garden

Growing season is sadly reaching an end, but that doesn’t mean the gardening work is over.

6. Inspect any recreational equipment

Clean, oil, and store any outdoor recreational equipment you may offer, such as:

7. Winterize your property

Prepare your property for the coming winter by:

8. First aid and safety supplies

9. Lighting

10. Equipment

If you have a generator:

11. Call in the pros

Some systems and equipment are not well-suited to DIY repairs (at least, not beyond simple things like changing air filters, testing your fire alarm, and replacing batteries). While it’s okay to give these things a look over on your own, most small hotel owners aren’t trained professionals, and it’s easy to miss things or overlook looming problems.

If you don’t have an expert on staff, now is a great time to bring in the pros to inspect your:

Checking Out

Preventive maintenance is an important part of running a small hotel. But managing these tasks can be challenging, and it’s easy for key actions to slip through the cracks.

In addition to helping you get more bookings and increase your revenue, a hotel property management system (PMS) can also help you schedule key maintenance tasks in advance so you don’t miss them when the time comes. You can even assign tasks to the right team member and they can easily mark tasks as complete so you’ll have complete visibility into when repairs and hotel preventive maintenance have been handled.

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