What Is A Small Hotel Property Management System?
Read Part 1 of 8 of our Complete Guide to Small Hotel Property Management Software to discover what small hotel management systems are, along with a quick peek at different types of PMS hotel systems and how they can benefit your property.

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1. What Is a Small Hotel Property Management System?

Hotel property management systems are software suites designed to help property managers and hotel owners manage some or all aspects of their hotel operations. This can include tasks like:

Small hotel property management systems can handle all of these key functions, but are designed to meet the unique needs of small hotels, inns, B&Bs, motels, experiential lodging, and other independent establishments.

For example, with a PMS hotel system designed specially for small hotels, these features will be accessible through a single easy-to-use and easy-to-learn dashboard instead of complicated proprietary software. Another key feature of small hotel property management systems is access to support and service—if you run a small hotel, your PMS hotel system should always include complete customer service and 24/7 support (since you probably don’t have a dedicated team of IT experts to lean on like large hotels).

These core features of PMS hotel systems will help small and independent hotel operators streamline their operations so they can focus on improving the guest experience and standing out from their larger competitors.

Small hotel owners often have a lot on their plate, with smaller teams to help handle the seemingly endless to-do list. Whether you’re a team of one or you have a staff member or two (or ten) backing you up, small hotel property management systems can be used by your entire team, including:

  • Front desk staff: A small hotel PMS will help front desk staff by streamlining the reservation and check-in process, from accepting bookings to assigning rooms and even sending pre-arrival emails.
  • Housekeeping: Improve housekeeping by assigning tasks based on guest arrival time and anticipated check-out time, and easily mark tasks as complete in your PMS so the front desk knows when rooms are ready.
  • General management: Integrate your hotel property management system with other systems, such as your POS software so you can process payments for rooms and manage charges for things like room service, spa treatments, and more, all through one platform. You can also use PMS hotel systems to manage room rates, set goals, and review financial and occupancy reports to help you make key business decisions.

Combining key property information and managing your daily operations in one simple platform gives small hoteliers real-time visibility into all of their front desk and back office activities, freeing up more time to focus on ensuring a top-notch guest experience so you can count on more repeat bookings, good reviews, and increased revenue.

2. Types of Small Hotel Property Management Systems

There are two main types of PMS hotel systems for small hotels to know about:

  • Cloud-based: Cloud hotel management systems are completely web-based, which means you can access your PMS from any connected device, including your smartphone. Cloud hotel management systems are ideal for small hotels because they have far fewer cumbersome on-site technology requirements, significantly reduced up-front and ongoing costs, and they are much easier to set up and maintain.
  • On-premise: These PMS hotel systems are locally hosted, which means you’ll only be able to access your PMS dashboard on devices with the software installed. On-premise PMS hotel systems are typically used by large hotel chains who have the space and IT staff to maintain and secure dedicated on-site servers and other required tech.

With fewer installation requirements, automatic updates, and 24/7 customer service, cloud hotel management systems are typically ideal for small hotels. Learn more about cloud hotel management systems.

3. Checking Out

Small hotel property management systems like innRoad are software suites designed to help small hotel owners manage some or all aspects of their hotel operations, including:

  • Making bookings, managing distribution channels, and adjusting room rates based on real-time demand
  • Guest check-in and check-out and sending pre-arrival instructions to guests
  • Managing reservations and processing payments
  • Managing tasks such as housekeeping and coordinating add-on services purchased during the booking process
  • Goal setting and performance management with reporting and analytics on key metrics such as average daily rate, occupancy, revPAR, and more

Cloud hotel management systems like innRoad’s all-in-one property management system integrate all your daily operations into one easy to use platform. With no annual contract, no upfront costs, or hidden fees, you can access our all-inclusive hotel property management system, as well as all the tools you need to position your small hotel for success and achieve your long-term goals.

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