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What Is the Best PMS For Small Hotels?
A look into how PMS systems can help grow your business, and what the best PMS is for small hotels. 

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A look into the best property management systems for small hotels

Owning and operating a hotel can be a lot of work, whether you’re using a pen and paper or an excel document, there’s a better way to streamline your operations. For small hotels, a property management system (PMS) can help you better manage your hotel, without having to wear multiple hats. There’s a lot of PMS options out there, but not all of them will be best suited for your hotel. In this blog, we’ll cover how PMS systems can help grow your business, and what the best PMS is for small hotels. 

What is a PMS?

The best management systems for hotels are typically called PMS (Property Management Systems). A property management software is designed to help hospitality business owners manage their reservations, monitor property performance, and streamline property operations. Property management systems (PMS) are often used by hotels, inns, BnBs, motels, experiential lodging, and property managers. Most property management software is mobile optimized so you can view your reservations, reports, and more while on-the-go. Although a lot of PMS systems out there have similar functions, there’s key features you need to pay attention to when purchasing a system for your small hotel. Want to learn the 6 Must-Have Features in A Property Management System (PMS)? Download our free guide today! 

What Can a Property Management Software Do for Small Hotels? 

A property management system (PMS) designed for small hotels will increase your operational efficiency, save time, and can increase your bookings. Plus, it gives your guests an easy booking experience, without having to email or call your hotel’s office.  

Adding a PMS to your hotel will help you increase hotel management through:  

1. Easy Reservation Management by having all reservations available at your fingertips 

2. Connecting Your Small Hotel to OTA’S (Online Travel Agent) Systems Through A PMS, Automatically Boosting Your Visibility through channel management

3. Give Guests a Better Booking Experience with Simple Online Booking Options and Mobile Capability 

property management system with mobile booking engine

4. Get Better Insight into Your Hotel’s Performance with Designated Modules for Reports and Daily Performance Reviews through revenue management tools 

innroad pms reservation surge alerts

What Will You Gain from A System Designed For Hotel Property Management? Especially finding the best PMS for small hotels?

When switching to utilizing hotel management software for your hotel’s office, you can expect to see increased direct bookings, improved efficiency, and increased room revenue. An all-in-one system will allow your hotel to do this with minimal effort. 

How does getting a PMS (Property Management System) for your hotel help accomplish these objectives?  

A High-Converting Booking Engine 

innroad booking engine

Most management systems will include a booking engine, but only some have a top-tier engine. A high-converting hotel booking engine allows your guests to book rooms with the click of a button. Due to our industry leading booking engine, our clients have reported seeing a 20% increase in direct bookings. At innRoad, our booking engine sites utilize your hospitality branding to make a seamless experience between your hotel website and booking for each guest. With group reservation functions and the ability to make a multi-room reservation, our software has the right booking tools for your business. 

Our booking engine is easy to use, user-friendly and offers a built-in rate checker that provides peace of mind for users. Keep your guests on you by showing the rates you are sending to your channel manager’s OTAs (Online Travel Agents) to give your guests confidence they are getting the best rate. 

  • Avoid booking abandonment to the OTAs (Online Travel Agents) 
  • Always guarantee each guest the best rate when booking directly 
  • Save on commission fees for your bookings 

Do you have a repeat guest that has a favorite room or location at your hotel? Allow each guest better management of their stay with the option to view your hotel’s entire availability by room and date through our booking engine. This helps guests plan their trip for when they know their favorite room will be available. 

  • Offer an overview of hotel room availability in one view through our availability calendar 
  • Display rates for every day, for every room class through your booking engine 
  • Highlight minimum night stay requirement and other rules 

innRoad’s booking engine is mobile-capable and built to help convert the busy guest making their booking reservation on the go. 

  • Give guests confidence to book from anywhere with our mobile reservation software 
  • 81% of hotel industry bookings are made on a mobile device 
  • Mobile optimization increases website load speed, increasing bookings made 

More Revenue from Your Booking Engine 

innroad property management system add ons

It is important for your hotel management system to be equipped with add-ons available for your guests through your booking engine. Add-ons are additional items you offer to guests at the end of their reservation, right before check-out. A couple of great add-ons for smaller hotels to offer in your system include bottles of champagne, breakfast vouchers, and other unique experiences at your property.  

Add-ons really make a difference in your business by automatically recommending options for guests to add to their bookings to increase their overall experience at your hotel. This is especially important for small hotels, as it gives your guests an extra layer of hospitality and will give each guest even more of a reason to recommend your hotel to others! Excellent hotel property management leaves each guest feeling more connected to your hotel. Personalize the guest experience, start building customer loyalty, and give your guests a reason to leave 5-star reviews from your amazing hotel management.  

innRoad clients that have added these benefits into their booking engine, have reported seeing a 10% increase in room revenue. If your booking engine doesn’t currently have add-ons supported, you need to get one with this asap. Make increasing your room revenue a priority this year and get these extra features with innRoad’s all-in-one system. 

Streamlined Systems for your Office 

innroad cloud based property management system accessible from any device

Get ready to increase efficiency in your office with an all-in-one hotel management software. How exactly does an all-inclusive hotel management system help streamline operations? Some management systems, like ours at innRoad, allow you to access their sites and modules completely online, so you can manage your business from anywhere in the world on any device, without having to be in your office. 

Make, modify, and manage reservations at your front desk or through your mobile device with our cloud-based PMS. 

See better management of your rates and inventory. Create custom rates/room classes, compare ADR (Average Daily Rate) to occupancy percentages, and update inventory/rates on all channel OTAs (Online Travel Agents) from one location. 

Oversee housekeeping operations more easily with a designated module. Prioritize tasks based on guest arrival time, assign tasks to specific staff members, mark tasks as complete when the room is ready for occupancy. 

  • Analyze your hotel management and business performance over time with our frontline reporting features. 
  • Manage guests from every channel with our easy-to-use booking engine designed specifically to give extra hospitality to your guests. Make booking easy for guests, and easy on your team.

What To Consider When Choosing a Hotel Management Software & Identifying The Best PMS For Small Hotels 

innroad reservations channel manager 24/7 support booking engine performance reports

When choosing a PMS (property management system) for your small hotel, you need to make sure the system has the features you desire up-front, but also has hotel management features designed for smaller properties. Property management systems (PMS) designed for small hotels will have in-depth knowledge and features specifically catered to your hotel. One of the key features to look for includes an all-in-one system, so you’re not stuck managing multiple software’s. What needs to be included in an all-in-one hotel management system? Look for a PMS that includes a system channel manager, booking engine, 24/7 support team, performance reports, and mobile capability. This will keep all your bases covered, allowing you to have more time catering to your guests. Most property management systems will have the basics, but some all-in-one PMS systems, like innRoad, will even have additional features for your hotel included, besides just the basics to make your experience even better. These include housekeeping modules, payment processing, integration to other software’s, group bookings, automated rate changes, and more, designed specifically so smaller hotels get more out of their PMS.  

No matter what PMS you choose for your small hotel, you need to get the most bang for your buck. Our highly reviewed property management system is trusted by thousands of hoteliers around the world and has no hidden fees, no up-charges, and no fine print. By being up-front with our clients about pricing, no contracts, offering 24/7 support and hospitality, we have obtained a strong retention rate over the years. Learn how our software system can help increase management at your hotel, by seeing why hoteliers like you choose innRoad for managing their small hotel. 

Conclusion: What Is the Best PMS For Hotels? 

Choosing a PMS for your small hotel can seem like a big decision but focus on what matters to you and your team. Choose an all-in-one system that is designed for small hotels and has a top-tier support team, booking engine, channel manager, performance overviews, and will cater to each need of your hotel. Ultimate hospitality to you and your team is a number one feature to look out for. 

At innRoad, our customers are always number one. A lot of management systems say their customers are always at the front of their priority list, but at innRoad we mean it. We provide 24/7 live phone and email support, so, you can get the help you need, no matter the time of day. Plus, we take every customer comment seriously and turn each idea into reality. Have a specific need for your business? We’re on it! With new features added monthly, we are constantly improving our software, so our clients gain value and unprecedented business growth. Our goal is to create a hotel pms software that helps clients generate more revenue, while making your life and business easier.  

Ready to get an all-in-one PMS that will make your life easier, increase your bookings, and is known as the maestro hospitality system for small hotels? Schedule a demo with our property advisors today

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