How Alpen Way Chalet Lodge Increased Efficiency and Customer Service
alpen way chalet mountain lodge

Alpen Way Chalet Mountain Lodge has 8 rooms that can sleep between 2-6 guests depending on the room. The lodge itself started as a private residence back in the early 30’s and had a couple of private owners. It was a daycare for a number of years in the 80’s and became a lodge/B&B in the early 90’s. The current owners are running it as a lodge and have been making the property their own for 5 1/2 years.

Alpen Way Chalet’s Goals

Their main goal for the lodge is to provide excellent customer service so that they can develop repeat guests that come back year after year. They also hope to build a great reputation within their small community as a family friendly place for their neighbors to house their family overflow. The current owners long-term goals for the lodge are to make it sustainable enough to continuously support their income as well as introduce housekeeping, gardening, and an on-site property manager in the next five years.

  • Provide great customer service
  • Build reputation & gain repeat guests
  • Grow The business & revenue
alpen way chalet mountain lodge

Why innRoad?

Our client selected innRoad’s all-in-one PMS software based on the need for improved efficiency, all tools in one place, and a
need for a better customer support team compared to their previous software.

innroad all in one pms

The Results of innRoad’s All-In-One Software

When utilizing innRoad’s all in one property management system, Alpen Way Chalet Mountain Lodge was able to accomplish their goal of increasing efficiency so they can focus more on guests, and improve their overall business operations. They were also able to provide their staff with full support through innRoad’s 24/7 customer service team.

Improved Efficiency

They have been running smoothly and have seen some improvements that help their property run easily and focus on giving their guests great customer service. They like how group reservations can be done as multi-room reservations which they do a lot of. By increasing their efficiency on day to day tasks, they can continue to grow their business.

Supported Staff With 24/7 Customer Service

They rave about the customer service staff at innRoad who always
makes sure they get prompt answers and follow through with the
engineering team to get any issues fixed as quickly as possible.
Having a software that supports their business is extremely important to keep everything running smoothly and guests happy.

innroad pms

Thoughts From The Lodge Owner

alpen way chalet mountain lodge

“My favorite part about innRoad is the great customer support staff that are very responsive and always helps me get any issues resolved in a timely manner.”

-Lisa Cordova, Alpen Way Chalet Mountain Lodge Owner

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