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Top 3 Reasons You Need A Cloud-Based Hotel PMS (Property Management System) 
Let's look at the advantages of a cloud-based property management system (PMS) and why thousands of hoteliers are selecting innRoad to manage and elevate their hospitality business. 

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It’s easy to get used to the old pen and paper system when managing your hotel or rely on an outdated pms system to manage your guest bookings that you’ve simply gotten used to but haven’t wanted to take the time to switch from. However, it’s good to evaluate the pros and cons of your current system and see where there’s room for increased support and overall improvement for your bookings. Let’s look at the advantages and reasons you need a cloud-based hotel PMS (property management system) and why thousands of hoteliers are selecting innRoad to manage and elevate their hospitality business. 

What Is A Cloud-Based PMS?

A cloud pms is a hotel management software that is completely web-based, giving your hotel the support and functionality to be managed from a single website. You can access a cloud-based pms through any computer or device with a web browser. A pms system gives hoteliers an easier solution to managing each guest booking that reserves a room in your hotel. 

Now that you have a more thorough explanation of what a cloud based property management system is, let’s get into the top 3 reasons a web-based pms system will benefit your property.

#1: Gives you complete flexibility to operate your business from anywhere in the world.

mobile property management system

A cloud-based pms system provides hoteliers with the flexibility and support needed to operate a true 24/7 business. As a hotelier, you know that managing a hotel is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation. Managing daily responsibilities, team members, hotel operational performance and the guest experience is a complex balancing act that requires great attention to detail, organization and flexibility. The challenges faced by independent hotel operators are unique, which is why innRoad provides cloud-based hotel management software that is specifically designed with the adaptability and mobility required by busy hoteliers. 

We know it’s easy to put off updating your hotel management software because of the fear of it being challenging to understand or utilize daily. Taking time away from your guests to learn a new system might seem overwhelming. With this in mind, we designed innRoad’s cloud pms with easy-to-use functions and an intuitive interface that allows hotel staff to quickly develop a level of comfort. 

Our completely online cloud-based pms system lets you access and manage your hotel operations from anywhere with an internet connection. Yes, that means you can access your hotel operations from any device whether you’re on your phone, laptop, or iPad. Whether you are traveling between properties or attending an off-site meeting, innRoad’s cloud pms keeps you in total control of your hotel’s operations from wherever the workday takes you.  

A cloud-based property management system (PMS) positions your hotel for future growth with extra support to help you achieve your goals. Built-in flexibility allows you to add additional rooms or new hotel locations into your hotel management software, so you can manage all properties from one fully integrated, web-based system. 

#2: Gives You Constant Support and Eliminates the need for an in-house “IT expert.” 

24/7 live customer support team for property management system

Due to the high cost of IT support, some independent hotels, as well as other businesses, use a tech savvy hotel team member as their in-house “IT expert” to avoid hefty charges for technical service calls. However, with our web-based hotel management software, independent hoteliers can eliminate this and reduce costs. 

innRoad’s software does not require you to purchase servers or special hardware, so the potential for costly hotel equipment failure is removed from day one.  Our cloud-based software allows hotels to automatically receive system updates without purchasing add-ons or needing on-site installation. 

We take on the responsibility of securing your data by encrypting it while stored in the cloud, as well as utilizing a dual data center backup system to ensure premium protection for your hotel.  Plus, you get a dedicated implementation advisor, 24/7 technical support, and unlimited training for all hotel staff so you’ll have an innRoad expert by your side whenever you have questions or need help. Our team is here to provide ongoing training and help hoteliers unlock the potential in their properties with our highly reviewed cloud pms. 

#3: Provides an all-in-one system for managing your hotel so you can focus on providing each guest an amazing experience.

When you switch to a hotel pms system, you not only can manage your reservations easily, but you also get streamlined operations, an easy to navigate booking engine for your guests, revenue management, channel management, and secure credit card processing.

innroad reservations channel manager 24/7 support booking engine performance reports

At innRoad, we cut out the third parties so you can have more efficient payments, increased security, and increased visibility on 100’s of Online Travel Agents. An all-inclusive system is the key to improving the guest experience, while better managing each booking for your hotel. 

Our top-tier booking engine provides each guest with an intuitive booking experience. Your guests can reserve a booking with your hotel at the click of a button, while you get to easily oversee each reservation. Want an easier way to manage your housekeeping or a way to see how your hotel is performing compared to years prior? We’ve got you covered. Daily performance reports, a housekeeping module, and surge alerts are a few of the many included features in our cloud pms system that we provide to every hotel, no matter how large or small.  

Why Get A Cloud PMS Like innRoad? 

Although there’s lots of property management systems to choose from, learn why hotels across the world choose innRoad for managing their guest experience, bookings, and property performance. 

1. Highly Reviewed Booking Engine

Our clients have reported seeing a 20% increase in direct bookings. At innRoad, our booking engine utilizes your hospitality branding to make a seamless experience between your hotel website and booking for each guest. With group reservation functions and the ability to make a multi-room reservation, our software has the right booking tools for your business. 

innroad booking engine

Our booking engine is easy to use, user-friendly and offers a built-in rate checker that provides peace of mind for users. Keep your guests on you by showing the rates you are sending to your channel manager’s OTAs (Online Travel Agents) to give your guests confidence they are getting the best rate. 

  • Avoid booking abandonment to the OTAs (Online Travel Agents) 
  • Always guarantee each guest the best rate when booking directly 
  • Save on commission fees for your bookings 

Do you have a repeat guest that has a favorite room or location at your hotel? Allow each guest better management of their stay with the option to view your hotel’s entire availability by room and date through our booking engine. This helps guests plan their trip for when they know their favorite room will be available. 

  • Offer an overview of hotel room availability in one view through our availability calendar 
  • Display rates for every day, for every room class through your booking engine 
  • Highlight minimum night stay requirement and other rules 

innRoad’s booking engine is mobile-capable and built to help convert the busy guest making their booking reservation on the go. 

  • Give guests confidence to book from anywhere with our mobile reservation software 
  • 81% of hotel industry bookings are made on a mobile device 
  • Mobile optimization increases website load speed, increasing bookings made 

It is important for your hotel management system to be equipped with add-ons available for your guests through your booking engine. Add-ons are additional items you offer to guests at the end of their reservation, right before check-out. A couple of great add-ons for smaller hotels to offer in your system include bottles of champagne, breakfast vouchers, and other unique experiences at your property.  

innroad property management system add ons

Add-ons make a difference in your business by automatically recommending options for guests to add to their bookings to increase their overall experience at your hotel. This is especially important for small hotels, as it gives your guests an extra layer of hospitality and will give each guest even more of a reason to recommend your hotel to others! Excellent hotel property management leaves each guest feeling more connected to your hotel. Personalize the guest experience, start building customer loyalty, and give your guests a reason to leave 5-star reviews from your amazing hotel management.

innRoad clients that have added these benefits into their booking engine, have reported seeing a 10% increase in room revenue. If your booking engine doesn’t currently have add-ons supported, you need to get this asap. Make increasing your room revenue a priority this year and get these extra features with innRoad’s all-in-one system.

2. Our Channel Manager Connects To You To 100’s of OTAs

When properties partner with innRoad, they get direct connections to 100’s of top Online Travel Agents through our software’s Channel Manager.  With no 3rd parties to slow things down, your rates and availability will be synced through our software in real time. innRoad’s direct connections keep your property safe from unintended overbookings and missed opportunities due to connection delays. Our software boasts an uptime rating of 99%+ which means our properties’ listings simply perform better on OTAs (Online Travel Agents) compared to other software systems. 

innRoad clients that have added these benefits into their booking engine, have reported seeing a 10% increase in room revenue. If your booking engine doesn’t currently have add-ons supported, you need to get this asap. Make increasing your room revenue a priority this year and get these extra features with innRoad’s all-in-one system. 

3. Easy Reservation Management

Easily manage your guest reservations through our property management system. Some key features of our reservation management system that our clients love include: 

  • A drag & drop tape chart to easily view and change reservations as needed.  
  • Mobile optimization so you can have access to all property management operations from any device anywhere in the world. Edit or view reservations while on the go.  
  • Group reservations capability so you can manage large groups without the hassle. No more unnecessary stress over large groups when using a software property management system.  
  • Multi-property functions to give you access to all properties you manage from one software.  
  • Unlimited users so your whole staff will have access to the software, making sure no reservations get lost or confused. 

4. No Hidden Fees, No Contracts, New Features Added Monthly 

With no annual contract, no upfront costs or hidden fees at innRoad, hotels receive an all-inclusive pms system with the tools necessary to position their hotel for success and achieve their long-term goals, while providing each guest with a great hotel experience. 

Plus, our development team pumps out new features every month. We are constantly improving our software, so our clients gain value and unprecedented business growth. Our goal is to create software that helps clients generate more revenue, while making their lives easier. Have a feature you want added? Our development team is on it. 

Conclusion: Top 3 Reasons You Need A Cloud-Based Hotel PMS (Property Management System) 

Making the switch to a new software system for your property can seem daunting, but at innRoad we take every booking, payment, and guest need seriously, so you can focus on taking care of the guest every step of the way. 

Want to learn more about how innRoad helps get each hotel on its path to profits by focusing on increasing bookings and revenue? Schedule a personalized demo with our team today to learn about our hospitality cloud solution: our all in one property management system (PMS)!  

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