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Looking For the Best Hotel Check-in Software? 
hotel check-in software
What to look for when choosing the best hotel-check-in software for your property. The benefits of choosing the best hotel check-in software.

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There have been many technological advancements in the hospitality industry over the past years. The situation has forced hotel businesses to adopt new techniques to advocate for more sales. As a hotel owner, it’s important to find the best solution to streamline your business and increase efficiency so you can spend more time focusing on your guests. 

Remember, the customers are the reason you set up your hotel business in the first place. With multiple check-in software available in the market, our solution helps you strengthen your modern daily operations.  

Benefits of innRoad’s solution PMS (property management system) and Hotel Check-in Software 

Your guest satisfaction starts from the moment they book with your hotel. For example, how convenient is your booking system? Is it mobile-friendly? How suitable is your billing system? These are some of the main factors you should consider when choosing your hotel check-in software. 

The below list points out how our solution-based PMS system can revolutionize your hotels’ operations. 

#1: Increased Revenue

Imagine having a system that integrates all your hotel property management operations under one roof. With our hotel check-in software, all your daily functions are integrated into one system so you can focus on your financials. For example, you no longer need to worry about lengthy booking procedures. Once a guest books through our high-converting booking engine, it will automatically pop up in our reservation system with their information. With special add-on features available for guests to book, you can easily increase revenue and manage it all in one place. Our all-in-one hotel check-in software has revenue management with multiple reports available for you to check on your property’s performance and make changes to your pricing as needed. 

A few key features of our hotel check-in software that our customers love for boosting revenue: 

  • Goal Setting 
  • Surge Alerts 
  • Daily Performance Digests 
  • Automated Rate Changes 
  • Forecasting 
  • Add-On Features 

Having all operations running at a go will adjust the efficiency, boosting your business income. The more tasks that are streamlined in your hotel and easier to manage, the more sales you make, hence more income. 

#2: Time-Saving

innroad cloud based property management system accessible from any device

Customers like quick services. It would help if you had everything put in place to ensure their booking, billing, and any special requests are attended to with the fastest method possible. Thanks to our solution-based PMS, you will be able to navigate all these operations under one roof. A guest can book before checking in to your hotel and handle all necessary paperwork before stepping a foot on your property. This ensures that you save time at reception and get them started on their vacation as quickly as possible! 

Our hotel check-in software has all the features you need to easily manage your reservations: 

  • A drag & drop tape chart to easily view and change reservations as needed.   
  • Mobile optimization so you can have access to all property management operations from any device anywhere in the world. Edit or view reservations while on the go.   
  • Group reservations capability so you can manage large groups without the hassle. No more unnecessary stress over large groups when using a software property management system.   
  • Multi-property functions to give you access to all properties you manage from one software.   
  • Unlimited users so your whole staff will have access to the software, making sure no reservations get lost or confused. 

From your guest’s perspective, Our booking engine is user-friendly and offers a built-in rate checker that provides peace of mind for users. Keep your guests on you by showing the rates you are sending to your channel manager‘s OTAs (Online Travel Agents) to give your guests confidence they are getting the best rate. 

property management system with mobile booking engine

Plus, our hotel check-in software comes with extra features like housekeeping, surge alerts, and channel management connections so you can save time navigating through different software’s just to update rates, refill towels in a room, or adjust your prices on multiple online travel agents. With all of these in our hotel check-in software, you will be able to save time and increase your staff’s efficiency. 

#3: Easy To Use

Don’t worry about having to re-learn a new software. One of the features our customers rave about is how easy it is to get set up and use our reservation system daily. From day one, you’ll get a dedicated implementation advisor, 24/7 technical support, and unlimited training for all hotel staff so you’ll have an innRoad expert by your side whenever you have questions or need help. Our team is here to provide ongoing training and help hoteliers unlock the potential in their properties. 

Our hotel check-in software allows you to create, modify, and manage reservations at your front desk or even through your mobile device. Our completely online cloud-based hotel check in software lets you access and manage your hotel operations from anywhere with an internet connection. Yes, that means you can access your hotel operations from any device whether you are on your phone, laptop, or iPad. Whether you are traveling between properties or attending an off-site meeting, our cloud-based hotel check-in software keeps you in total control of your hotel’s operations from wherever the workday takes you.  

Conclusion: How To Find The Best Hotel Check-In Software

A hotel owner needs good check-in software to key in all your guests’ information, bill your customers, and perform other daily tasks. So why have difficulties complicating your hotel’s daily operations when you can get a cloud-based system that integrates everything? With no annual contract, no upfront costs, or hidden fees at innRoad, hotels receive our all-inclusive hotel check-in software with the tools necessary to position their hotel for success and achieve their long-term goals, while providing each guest with an exceptional hotel experience.  

We are constantly improving our software, so our clients gain value and unprecedented business growth. Our goal is to create software that helps clients generate more revenue, while making their lives easier. If you’re ready for an easier way to manage your hotel while increasing revenue, consider contacting one of our Property Advisors to learn more about our award-winning system! 

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