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Best Practices for Small Hotels

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Hiring all-stars to staff your independent hotel

Success for independent hotels can be measured in many ways, such as through RevPAR and occupancy rates, online review scores, customer service ratings and profit margins. Achieving and maintaining high grades in these areas requires smart planning and a great

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3 Ways To Make Guests Fall In Love With Your Hotel

The business of hospitality is all about taking care of people. Whether it’s your guests, co-workers, vendors or those just passing through, people working in the hospitality industry have a natural talent for making others feel welcome, regardless if it’s

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Improving Your Hotel’s Efficiency & Productivity

Maximizing efficiency and productivity will always be a daily challenge for independent hoteliers, but there are solutions for improving the quality of daily workflows and getting more out of each day. Here are a few tips to help: Identify team

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3 Ways To Enhance Hotel Operations During Shoulder Season

Holiday season, or as independent hoteliers call it “shoulder season”, provides properties with a great opportunity to build upon a busy summer by gearing up their operations to ensure a successful holiday travel period and strong start to the New Year.  Here are a few ways properties can utilize holiday season/shoulder season to enhance daily operations.

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Here’s How to Prepare your Independent Hotel for Winter

Shoulder season has been enjoyable for lots of travelers and independent hoteliers, but while this great fall weather may last for a few more weeks, winter is definitely on the way. Cold, wet and icy weather presents various challenges for

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How Secure is Your Hotel Property Management System?

Technology has completely redefined the meaning of instant gratification for travelers. Equipped with laptops and mobile phones, the most adventurous travelers can book flights on their way to the airport, reserve hotel rooms after landing and then request car service

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3 Strategies for Retaining Your Independent Hotel’s Top Talent

Working in the hotel industry is challenging, but also very rewarding. It’s a great place for gaining diverse professional experiences and developing a long-lasting career. While every independent hotel team member will not advance into a leadership role, it is