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How Secure is Your Hotel Property Management System?

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secure property management system

Technology has completely redefined the meaning of instant gratification for travelers. Equipped with laptops and mobile phones, the most adventurous travelers can book flights on their way to the airport, reserve hotel rooms after landing and then request car service or book rental cars to complete the final leg of their journey. While every consumer isn’t bold enough to spontaneously travel, many enjoy the convenience and ease of online travel planning. With every tap on their keyboard or screen, travelers are entrusting their most valuable personal and financial information to travel companies. However, are these businesses, particularly independent hotels, holding up their end of the bargain by utilizing secure systems to ensure traveler data remain safe?

When discussing innRoad’s hotel management software with independent hotels, we like to provide insightful data security questions that should be asked when evaluating any hotel PMS. If independent hoteliers want to keep the trust of their guests, their hotel PMS and its provider must deliver a level of security that is unquestionable.

cloud based pms vs old technology

Is the hotel PMS a legacy or cloud-based system?

For years, legacy hotel PMS’, complete with bulky hardware and costly annual maintenance plans, were independent hoteliers only option for automating daily operations. However, cloud-based hotel PMS’ now provide operators with advanced functions and features that streamline hotels’ most critical operations without requiring expensive equipment and service. An internet connection is all hoteliers need to access their cloud-based hotel PMS. Included with a cloud-based hotel PMS should be a top-flight data security program that is administered by the system’s provider, so operators can focus on taking care of their guests.

Does the hotel PMS allow for individual user logins and varying access levels?

A hotel PMS should allow operators to set system access levels for each team member. Establishing individual access levels ensures that only team members who have a need for sensitive data are able to view this information. With various team members logging into the hotel PMS daily, providing additional layers of security for guests’ personal and financial information is essential for independent hotel operators.

How well is data protected during transmission and while in storage?

If a hotel PMS does not encrypt data during transmission and while in storage, it’s not truly protected. Data encryption scrambles sensitive information so that it cannot be read or used by unintended viewers. Additionally, a hotel PMS provider should utilize an advanced data backup system to ensure information is never compromised or lost. At innRoad, we utilize a dual-offsite data backup system so our independent hotel clients’ data remain secure 24/7/365.

hotel pms credit card processing

How secure is customer credit card processing?

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance should be a non-negotiable standard for all independent hoteliers when evaluating hotel PMS’. Travelers book hotel rooms assuming their credit card information will remain secure at all times. A hotel PMS provider must be able to guarantee their independent hotel clients that its system is secure and has the required controls and technology to be designated as PCI compliant.

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