Hiring all-stars to staff your independent hotel
hiring for your hotel staff
Success for independent hotels can be measured in many ways, such as through RevPAR and occupancy rates, online review scores, customer service ratings and profit margins.

Achieving and maintaining high grades in these areas requires smart planning and a great team to consistently execute at high-levels to ensure operations run smoothly. However, even with a great plan in-place, finding the right team members to fill roles across independent hotels can be challenging.

Every hotel offers different levels of service, amenities and other hospitality-focused attributes, so the skill set needed for success varies from property to property. To attract the best candidates, hoteliers must have a strong grasp on the productivity gaps in their operations, the positions needed to remedy these gaps and the type of individuals who will likely succeed in those roles.

To help independents fill their teams with all-star talent, here are a few tips for finding, hiring and coaching new team member for success.

Clearly define your staffing needs

When hotel operations are stretched thin, it’s easy to see that additional help is needed, but pinpointing exactly where and how to integrate new team members into daily workflows is a more challenging assignment. Before starting down the hiring path, operators must clearly define the roles needed. Here are considerations hoteliers should take into account:

  • What specific responsibilities do I need these positions to handle?
  • How much time is needed for these roles, full-time, part-time, seasonal, etc.?
  • What level of experience do I need, experienced hotel professionals or entry-level trainees?
  • What personality types will work best for these roles?

The more specific hoteliers are in defining the roles needed to improve productivity, the better prepared they will be to target the right individuals.

Look for talent in the right places

Hiring the right people is like winning the lottery, but in most cases, it requires a well-devised hiring strategy, as well as a little luck, to find the right candidates. Here are a few tactics for recruiting top talent:


Job boards provide great exposure to lots of candidates, but to attract top tier talent, hoteliers should be selective when posting openings. When seeking quality over quantity, hoteliers should look to sites like LinkedIn and Indeed that are known to attract candidates with strong credentials and/or specific interests in hospitality.

Job fairs

Hiring events allow hoteliers to source local talent, but there is no guarantee that most candidates will have the required skills and experience. Additionally, these events require an investment of time and effort, so hoteliers should utilize them when filling numerous positions, rather than just one or two roles.


While not the most efficient or direct process for finding talent, referrals from personal and professional contacts can deliver great candidates that have essentially been pre-screened by trusted sources.

Checking Out

The hiring process doesn’t end on the first day of work for new team members. To maximize their skills and abilities, hoteliers should have a plan in-place that positions them for success. By establishing short- and long-term goals, training opportunities, measurable benchmarks and progress timelines, independent hoteliers provide their new hires with the structure and tools needed to navigate the challenges of their new role and stay on the path to success.

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