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3 Ways To Increase Your Hotel Bookings This Spring

Spring is here, which means it’s time for travelers to start planning their vacations. But if you’re a hotel owner or manager, how do you make sure your booking rates are high enough to make the season profitable? Whether you’re

6 Ways To Market Your Hotel This Holiday & Travel Season

When the sun is shining and the mercury is close to (or beyond) triple digits, the last thing on your mind is planning for the holidays—especially if summer is your small hotel’s peak season. Festive menus and seasonal packages may

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11 Ways to Boost Hotel Occupancy

As a small hotel owner, you’re no stranger to the peaks and valleys of the travel industry. Filling your rooms every night may be a breeze during your busy season, but when your low season comes around, getting enough bookings

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Benefits of Direct Bookings for Independent Hotels

Direct booking is a vital component of many independent hotels’ inventory distribution strategy. Here are some of the key benefits independents gain from direct booking: More control over the online guest experience Direct booking allows hoteliers to better control the