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Get more hotel bookings with our expert resources on creating an easy and enjoyable booking experience, improving channel management, marketing your small hotel, and more.

3 Ways To Increase Your Hotel Bookings This Spring
How to boost your hotel bookings this spring It’s springtime, and we’ve got some great tips for you! Spring is here, which means it’s time for travelers to start planning their vacations. But if you’re a hotel owner or manager, how do you make sure your booking rates are high enough to make the season […]
The Benefits of Using Google Booking Links for Your Property
Why utilize Google Booking Links for your property innRoad’s Google Booking links are a great way to convert more travelers surfing the web into paying guests at your hotel. Booking links allow your website visitors to make a booking directly on Google’s website by just clicking on a link. The user experience is seamless and […]
3 Ways To Market Your Hotel This Holiday & Travel Season
The holidays are upon us! It’s time to prepare your hotel, bed and breakfast, campground, or inn with the holiday cheer that will bring in guests this winter season. Using our 3 strategies to market your property, you’ll be able to have opportunities to close out 2022 and kickoff 2023 with increased bookings and revenue. To […]
11 Ways to Boost Hotel Occupancy
As a small hotel owner, you’re no stranger to the peaks and valleys of the travel industry. Filling your rooms every night may be a breeze during your busy season, but when your low season comes around, getting enough bookings to fill even half your rooms can feel about as easy as getting teeth pulled. […]
Benefits of Direct Bookings for Independent Hotels
Direct booking is a vital component of many independent hotels’ inventory distribution strategy. Here are some of the key benefits independents gain from direct booking: More control over the online guest experience Direct booking allows hoteliers to better control the online booking experience for their guests. With booking engine technology integrated into their website, hotel […]
Benefits and Disadvantages Associated with OTAs for Independent Hotels
For some independent hotel operators, the mention of online travel agencies (OTAs) stirs up a mixed bag of emotions. OTAs provide online marketing and booking technology that help level the competitive playing field for independent hotels, but these tools and increased online exposure come at a price some operators feel is too costly. With the […]
Understanding the Importance of Online Hotel Reviews
Independent hotel operators understand the importance of online hotel reviews. However, there are still some who aren’t taking advantage of their influence. We get it – managing online reviews adds more work to your already overflowing To Do List, so it’s easier to just ignore them. Well, as with any other decision, there are pros […]
Owned, Paid, and Earned Digital Media for Your Hotel
Marketing for independent hotels has come a long way from simple word of mouth. While the tried and true methods are still very reliable, the marketing landscape has changed drastically. Where marketing was once primarily done in-person, over the phone and via mass print media with billboards and publications, it is now prominently executed online. […]
Tips For Developing Your Independent Hotel’s Social Media Calendar
Recently, we’ve provided helpful tips for getting your independent hotel up and running on social media. While getting started can be challenging, sustaining a regular posting schedule can be even more difficult if you do not plan ahead. Developing a social media calendar is essential for staying organized and on-schedule with posting high-quality content that […]
Encourage Your Hotel Guests to Share Their Experiences on Social Media
Over the past 15 years, social media has drastically changed the way we communicate on a global scale. Websites and mobile apps, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, allow people to share their experiences with anyone who wants to pay attention. And though many claim they’re too busy to keep tabs on social media, the numbers […]