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The Benefits of Using Google Booking Links for Your Property

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google booking links and innroad integration

Why utilize Google Booking Links for your property

innRoad’s Google Booking links are a great way to convert more travelers surfing the web into paying guests at your hotel. Booking links allow your website visitors to make a booking directly on Google’s website by just clicking on a link. The user experience is seamless and can make it easier for potential customers to book flights, hotels, tours or any other travel services. innRoad’s Google Booking Links integration allows properties to distribute their property’s rates, availability, and inventory directly to Google Maps and Google Search. Guests can click your property’s official site link and complete their booking on your booking engine. It is a great way to get more direct bookings without paying advertisement costs, or commission to OTAs.

google hotels plus innroad integration

Here’s everything you need to know about the integration and how it will impact the guest experience.  

How Google Bookings Links work

When guests are looking for hotel stay through Google, your property will appear in the search results! Your property will show up in Google Maps, Google Search, and Google Hotels. 

hotel google booking links booking engine

When a potential guest clicks the Google Booking Link, they’ll land directly on your innRoad powered Booking Engine to see your available rooms and rates. There, they will complete the booking process. You’ll be able to tell they came from Google Booking links through the referral field in your booking engine.

Are there any requirements for using Google Booking Links?

There are a few requirements that you need to meet to use Google Booking Links and show your properties’ availability, rates, and inventory to potential customers.

Property Type

Google provides free booking links for Hotel properties. This includes inns, hotels, bed and breakfasts, motels, resorts, farm stays and other types of Hotel properties. 

front desk system

Your property is eligible for Google Booking Links if:

  • The property has a front desk or on-site management
  • The property accepts overnight guests
  • The property and business address are listed publicly

Check the list of properties that Google considers Hotels here.

In other cases, your property would be considered a Vacation Rental, and not a Hotel.

Google Business Profile

Google business profile

Google Booking Links requires a Google Business Profile, which controls the way your property appears on Google Maps and Google Search. The information in your Google Business Profile is used to map your property on Google to your property in innRoad.

Your property might already have a Google Business Profile.  Otherwise, create a new Google Business Profile here, or request ownership of your existing Google Business Profile.

Find more information about Google Business Profiles here.

Interested in getting Google Bookings Links setup for your property?

innRoad’s high-converting booking engine has the capability to directly integrate with Google Booking links, allowing for a smooth set-up process. If you’re a current client of innRoad, simply check out this full guide to setting up Google Booking links here. If you’re not a client of innRoad yet, we’d love to have you on board! Our award-winning property management system is trusted by thousands of hoteliers around the globe, and provides your property with an all-in-one tool to increase bookings, manage reservations, track goals, and manage your property on the go. Speak with a property advisor today to get started with innRoad and Google Booking Links!

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